How to Update Safari without Upgrading MacOS?

Please let me know that how to update Safari without upgrading MacOS. I am facing some issues while updating Safari browser. Help me in updating it.

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Update Safari without Upgrading MacOS:

Apple releases software update from time to time. It fixes security bugs and has the latest feature updates. Moreover, it releases an annual system update. However, a lot of people don't prefer to update macOS version. Therefore, you can delay the OS upgrade, and then you can go ahead with the Apple Safari software upgrade.  

This is the default browser on your Apple devices. Safari has its own sets of caveats and perks. Safari is deeply a part of the OS. This is the most efficient browser for iPhone and Mac. All the customizations and features that you can try on your device are completely in sync with the Apple ecosystem.

However, when you use this browser as a system app, you may see some drawbacks. You cannot update the Safari browser without updating the OS. A lot of users don't prefer using installing the latest OS upgrade on Mac due to performance or compatibility issues. 

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You don't need constant updates if you are using a setup for testing or development purposes. If you update regularly, then you will have to restructure the code designs on a regular basis. 

How can I Upgrade Safari without a macOS Update?

Apple also releases a standalone update for the Safari browser from time to time, which is not linked to the macOS upgrade. Safari 14c also came with macOS Big Sur. The browser was stacked with 4K HDR video support. This offers better tracking protection and an inbuilt translator. 

Though macOS Big Sur was not released at that time, Apple went on and released this browser built for macOS Mojave and Catalina.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to update the Safari browser without upgrading the macOS. 

Step 1: Launch System preferences by going to the Apple menu. Now, the System preferences window will open up. 

Step 2: Choose the software upgrade program by going to the list. 

Step 3: Select the link of More Info

Step 4: Check the checkbox for the Safari browser. 

Step 5: Press the Install Now command button. 

Now, Mac will start installing the latest updates for the Safari browser without upgrading the operating system. 

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The decision of releasing the standalone app for the Safari browser is completely in the hands of Apple. This way, the browser update won't be dependent on the OS update and you will easily be able to install the updates simply by going to the App Store of Apple.

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