How to Use iPad as Second Monitor on Windows 11?

Please let me know that how to use iPad as second monitor on Windows 11. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.


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Use iPad as Second Monitor on Windows 11:

While connecting your iPad to a Mac is straightforward, utilising it as a second display in Windows 11 or older versions is not. iPadOS devices are not intended to connect to Windows as extended displays natively.

This is where third-party apps come into play. Remember that the experience will not be as smooth as with a Windows-compatible monitor, but it is achievable. Furthermore, because there are several possibilities, you may select the one that works best for you!  

How Can I Link an iPad to a PC Running Windows 11?

Use the lightning USB connector that came with the iPad to transmit data between it and a Windows 11 PC. The same is true with an iPhone.

On the Apple device, you may be asked to confirm data sharing. In the prompt, tap Trust or Allow, and you're done!

How can I Connect my iPad to my Windows 11 PC as a Second Monitor?

1. For a Wired Connection, Use Splashtop's Wired XDisplay.

Download the Wired XDisplay utility for Windows from Splashtop's official website.

To finish the installation, run the downloaded setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

After that, launch the software on the Windows 11 PC.

1.2 Get Splashtop for iPad

Search for Splashtop Wired XDisplay HD in the App Store on your iPad.

To download the app, click Get.

When finished, hit Open to launch the app.

1.3 Use the iPad as a Second Monitor

Check that the Wired XDisplay app is active on both devices.

When the screen says so, connect the two using the original USB cord that comes with the iPad.

This manner, you may use the iPad as a second display in Windows for free using a wire. The Wired XDisplay tool is a lifelong alternative, but it could perform better than the Duet Display (the next way). Furthermore, it cannot connect to the iPad wirelessly.   

Remember that Wired XDisplay is primarily a mirroring program and will not enlarge the display. So, whatever on the PC will be available on the iPad, but the latter cannot be used as an additional display.

2. Make use of Duet Display (for Wireless Connections)

2.1 Setup Duet Display for Windows 11

Download the tool from Duet Display's official website. Even for the free edition, you must establish a Duet account and provide your credit card information. However, you will not be charged for the first seven days.

Run the Duet Display setup when it has been downloaded.

In the UAC prompt, select Yes.

We recommend that you take the default route and follow the on-screen directions to finish the procedure.

Start the application and provide it network access via the firewall.

Access your Duet account.

2.2 Install Duet Display on the iPad

From the home screen of your iPad, navigate to the App Store.

Look for Duet Display.

Tap the Get button to begin downloading the app. Enter the Apple ID password to confirm if prompted.

After that, launch Duet Display on your iPad and allow it to connect to devices on your local network.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and when prompted to create an account, select Tap here if you already have one.

Then, hit Sign In.

Sign in using the credentials you generated on the Windows 11 PC previously.

Follow the steps once more to finish the basic setup until you reach the Connect to Your Mac or PC page.

Why is my Windows PC not Recognising my iPad?

If Windows is not detecting your iPad, ensure that you have selected Trust or Accept in the confirmation screen that appears on the Apple device. If not, reconnect the two and check the connection this time.

If it fails, you'll need to update the iTunes software, connect to a new port, or replace the connection entirely. 

After everything is up and running, buy a dependable iPad file Manager for Windows to ensure smooth data transfer.

You may also mirror the screen of your iPad (or iPhone) to Windows. If you haven't already, give it a go!

There is no alternative for those inquiring how to use the iPad as a second display in Windows 11 without an app. Many people were astonished to learn that an iPhone may be used as a camera with Windows 11.

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