How to Use the AI Features in Microsoft Store on Windows?

Please let me know how to use the AI features in Microsoft Store on Windows. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

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Use the AI Features in Microsoft Store on Windows:

The announcements made at Microsoft's Microsoft Build 2023 Conference, which is currently taking place in Seattle, are fascinating: Microsoft Store will soon offer AI features that you may utilize with Windows 11.

This news comes just after Microsoft Fabric, an open-expanding company platform that can significantly lower your company's costs, was unveiled by the Redmond tech giant and used the AI features in Microsoft Store on Windows.

Microsoft has made it plain that AI is its top priority, and the company's store now offers AI-related services. One of these features, the AI Hub, was announced as being shortly integrated into the platform in an exciting presentation.

How to Use Microsoft Store’s AI Features

Utilise AI review summaries to select the best product.

The ability to utilize AI to browse through all of a product’s evaluations is by far the most practical AI feature arriving to the Microsoft Store.

Then AI will produce an outline of those assessments with all the necessary information. You won’t need to read a few dozen or more of reviews any longer. Instead, AI will review them and provide a summary of all you will have to know.

By simply choosing the Produce review summary option in the Reviews area of the Microsoft Store, you are about to come able to do this.
Create AI keywords for an application quickly.

The Microsoft Store framework will make it simpler for you to increase the ability to be discovered your projects if you're a developer intending to publish your software there.

Your apps will create Search Tags as a result of AI consuming metadata, making it simpler for users to find them.

However, Till Then, Here's How You Can Use the Feature:

  • Visit the Microsoft Partner Center's "Home" page under "Apps & Games," "Your App," and "Store listing."
  • Make sure to provide an app description.
  • Wait for the machine learning system to build your keywords as you scroll down to Supplementary information.

If you are a member of the Insider Programme, see if the new AI Hub is currently available in the Microsoft Store. You ought to check for yourself if it exists on your copy of Windows 11, as some people do not have access to it yet.

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