What Does a Restricted Number Mean?

Hello, Please let me know What Does a Restricted Number Mean? I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Restricted Number Mean

Sometimes when you are on the phone, but no caller identification will show. In the place of the usual name or phone number, the term "restricted" will show on the screen, which shows that your call is restricted.

A restricted number means the person or company trying to contact you does not want you to have their phone number shows and have, hence, blocked it from public viewing with a restricted number. They do this for increased security and privacy, but there are some downfalls to contacting people in this manner.

Restricted for Security

Most of the companies, like collection agencies and solicitors, will restrict their numbers for security reasons. If people who are called by them become unhappy, they can use the phone number to track down the actual location of the agency calling them.

This can be hazardous for such companies as collection agencies who deal with situations that can become very emotionally charged, that’s why they will make sure that your call is restricted.

Restricted for Privacy

Particular and companies same can restrict their phone numbers to protect them from taking into the hands of attorneys and others who will be able to contact them. This can lead to a form of harassment by solicitors, causing many to get a new phone number to stop the phone calls.

Particularly also may get a restricted number for the added security of further unknown at the time of calling, giving their contact information to people. The restricted number means that you don’t want a call from everyone.

Restricted Number Problems

"Restricted" numbers do have their downfalls. Lots of people who get called by someone with a "restricted" number do not answer the call; they simply do not want to answer a call without knowing who is on the other end.

Also, for companies, it makes it harder for customers to get in touch with them and can lead to phone tag between themselves and customers because the customers do not want to answer calls from "restricted" numbers.

Restricting Your Number

If you want to restrict your number when making a phone call, either it will be for privacy or security reasons, or you simply wish to restricted for that particular phone call, you can do with the help of entering in *67 before the phone number.

It will make your call shows up as “restricted” on the caller ID of the person you are calling.

How to check Who Has Been Consistently Calling you From a Restricted Number

Any person can dial "*67" with your phone before calling a number, and besides their identity being revealed, the number will show as "Private," Unknown `` or’ ‘Restricted `` on the recipient's Caller ID.

This can be bothered once in a while, but after getting repeated phone calls from the same person, it begins to shift from irritation to harassing. There are various methods to disclose the name behind the restricted number mean, and the method that you select should be following the intensity of the calls.

Keep track of all dates and times that you receive harassing phone calls. This log will come in handy when speaking with your phone company or the police department.

Register for a service which is called trap call. Buy the plan which you need. Once you are done with your sign up for the service, just tap on the ignore button on your phone after receiving a call from a private number and name will show to you through text message a couple of minutes.

Contact your local phone company related to a service called call trace. Once you have received a call from the restricted number, dial “*57.” Then the call will be diverted to your phone company’s database and the call is traced. There is no cost for call tracing but it depends on company to company.

Talk to your phone company to trace your phone line. Inform them that you have been receiving continuously nuisance calls. When your phone on a call trace mode it’s generally free but it’s for sometimes only. And you will get a person who is the annoyance after 10 to 15 days the company will tell you about the person.

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