What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10? Should You Delete It?

I have no idea about what is REMPL folder in Windows 10. If you know something about that please suggest me that should be have or not that folder.

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Have you heard about the REMPL folder in Windows 10? Most probably, you didn't have known this before, right? So, with this post, you can understand about REMPL folder in Windows 10 in detail, what all it contains, how it was created, and if you can safely delete it.

In a few words, it can be explained that the REMPL folder contains Windows Update-related components that are programmed to keep your Windows Update running smoothly and efficiently.

What do You Mean by the REMPL Folder?

There are a few things that you are not aware of in your system. The REMPL folder in Windows 10 is one of them. Certain files and folders are used by Windows 10 update library to ensure that updates released by Microsoft as future or feature updates are installed on your PC without any complications. This REMPL folder belongs to one such folder.

This particular folder can be located under C:\Program Files\rempl and contains various files like – remsh.exe, Sedlauncher.exe, Sedsvc.exe, disktoast.exe, rempl.exe, and others. The Remsh.exe executable is a kind of Windows Update that provides reliability improvements to Windows Update Service components (specifically in older versions of Windows 10).

The file is present on a few Windows 10 systems only. Moreover, the folder has an automated troubleshooting tool that’s deployed specifically on those PCs which give issues while updating to the most recent version of Windows 10.

As the error reports, this special package is automatically downloaded by Windows 10. Subsequently, the REMPL folder in Windows 10 tries to find out the reasons responsible for the failure and then attempts to resolve them.

Some people mistakenly take it as a malware or virus, but it is a part of a reliability update released by Microsoft. Additionally, it can be compared to an automated troubleshooting tool that is deployed to determine and report the reasons for the failure while downloading updates. Thereafter, it attempts to remediate them.

Steps to Delete the REMPL Folder in Windows 10-

If you want to delete the REMPL folder from your Windows, you will have to disable this Task from the Task Scheduler. Then, you can delete or rename the folder as well. In details, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Firstly, launch the ‘Task Scheduler’. Next, you have to click on the Task Scheduler Library present in the left-sidebar. Next, go to ‘Microsoft‘.

Step 2: Under the ‘Microsoft’ tab, you need to expand the ‘Windows‘ folder to locate the ‘REMPL’  folder. As you reach there, search for the ‘shell‘ task in the right-side panel.

Step 3: Now, select it and press the ‘Delete‘ button to delete it from the list. As the prompt window is shown, click on the ‘Yes‘ button and confirm your action.

Step 4: Additionally, you have the option to delete or rename the ‘REMPL’ folder under “C:\Program Files\” so that Windows fails to locate and launch the executable files.

Important Note: You may be required to take ownership and full control of the REMPL folder to delete it.

Hope this guide is useful to understand the details about the REMPL folder on Windows 10 PC.

Cyrus neal 02 December 2021