What is TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10?

Is there anyone who knows about What is TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10. I am seeing these type of file in my operating system. Help me.

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TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10:

TrustedInstaller.exe is a Microsoft Process and it belongs to Windows Modules Installer. It is included in all versions of Windows including Windows 10. TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10 is an important part of Windows Resource Protection.

TrustedInstaller service helps in the installation, modification, and removal of Windows updates. TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10 runs on the local systems account and has no dependencies as it is set at the Manual mode.

Users are advised against removing or uninstalling TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10 as it is one of the most important components of Windows Resource Protection. If this software is removed or disabled, there will be no installation or System updates on Windows 10.

Some Common Questions of TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10 

Why is TrustedInstaller.exe Important?

TrustedInstaller.exe is an important part of the Windows core system and runs as a background service. This service helps to install, modify or remove Windows updates. If this service is removed there will be no updates on Windows 10.

Is TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10 a Virus?

No TrustedInstaller is a trustworthy file from the Microsoft process. However while running software installations or updates, TrustedInstaller may consume a lot of CPU and in the process, it can be camouflaged by malware. In such cases, TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10 has been corrupted by a virus.

Users must check the TrustedInstaller service on PC to find out whether it has been corrupted and is a security threat. This can be done by checking the CPU load and performance of the CPU with other applications.

Is it Safe to Disable TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10?

The main function of TrustedInstaller.exe on Windows 10 is to aid in the installation, update or removal of certain applications. It is a core component of Windows and if the users remove this service, there will be no software updates on Windows.

However, sometimes the TrustedInstaller may make the computer slow and unusable by consuming a lot of CPU. In such cases, the system may be replaced with malware. This can be determined by checking the CPU load and performance. If TrustedInstaller.exe is using high CPU all the time then it is likely to be infected by a virus. In such cases it is safe to disable TrustedInstaller.exe.

How to Fix High CPU Usage of TrustedInstaller.exe?

The high memory usage of TrustedInstaller.exe is normal and must not be considered as a flaw. Infact TrustedInstaller.exe may also consume CPU even after new updates. It is not possible to resolve the issue of High CPU usage with TrustedInstaller completely.

The best way to fix the TrustedInstaller issue is to change the Start type to Manual instead of automatic update. 

It is also possible to fix the TrustedInstaller.exe by tweaking the update settings.

What should You do If the TrustedInstaller.exe has High CPU Usage?

It is very normal for TrustedInstaller.exe to use large amounts of memory resources while updating or installing applications. It is best to let the system complete the update or installation. If your system detects corrupt files, you can run File Checker to remove those files.

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