Windows 11 Controller not Working - How to Quickly Fix It?

please let me know about windows 11 controller not working issue. i am facing some issues in this. help me.

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People have always loved playing games on Windows, especially since it's easy to use and doesn't require buying a new device. Notwithstanding, some users have reported that their Windows 11 controller is not functioning.

We will address each of the controllers individually to assist you in determining and ruling out the potential causes. This may occur with both the Xbox and PS4 models. Let's explore why the controller in Windows 11 isn't working and how to resolve the issue.

Why Does Windows 11 Not Support the Controller?

The controller needs to be fixed for some reason. It is likely the result of an outdated Xbox accessories app, an installed driver issue, or a connection issue (with the Bluetooth controllers) if the issue started as soon as you upgraded to Windows 11.

A few users also mentioned that, unusually, their antivirus program had blocked the controller. Remember to disable or uninstall the antivirus software to confirm this. Some PS controller users claimed that it didn't function in Windows 11 because of the AMD chipset driver.

If your controller is wired, the problem might be with the USB port itself, or the BIOS may have deactivated it.

Now that you know the idea, let's move on to the solutions. Please navigate to the section pertaining to your situation from our list of Xbox and PS4 fixes.

If the Controller in Windows 11 is not Functioning, What should I Do?

1. Xbox

1.1 Turn on the Controller and System Again.

  • To open the Shut Down Windows box, press Alt + F4. Then, click on the drop-down menu and choose Restart.
  • To restart the computer, click OK now.

Restarting the computer and the controller itself is the first thing you should do if your Xbox controller is not functioning with Windows 11. With everything up and running quickly, this will resolve any minor problems.

1.2 If Your Xbox Controller is Wired, Update the USB Driver

  • To open the Search menu, press Windows + S. Type Device Manager into the text field and select the appropriate search result.
  • To see the USB ports, double-click the Universal Serial Bus controllers entry.
  • From the context menu, choose Update driver by right-clicking on this port.
  • Choose Search automatically for drivers after that.
  • Await the installation of the best controller driver by Windows.

Another typical cause of Xbox controller malfunctions in Windows 11 is driver issues. Installing the most recent version should resolve any problems. Additionally, attempt manually installing the most recent driver version if you cannot locate a better version through Device Manager. Update the Bluetooth drivers if your wireless Xbox controller isn't working.

1.3 Disable External Antivirus Software

Press Windows + R to activate the Run command to open the Programmes and Features window. Then, type appwiz.cpl into the text field and click OK.

  • Find the third-party antivirus programme now, pick it, and choose Uninstall.
  • In the confirmation prompt, select Yes.
  • If a dedicated uninstaller pops up, follow the prompts on the screen to finish the installation.

Try turning off the antivirus software first if you don't want to install it immediately. But remember that the built-in Windows Security can keep your computer safe and secure.

1.4 Upgrade the Xbox Accessories App

To access the Search menu, press Windows + S. Type Microsoft Store into the text field and select the appropriate search result.

  • In the lower-left corner, select the Library option.
  • Click the "Get updates" button now. 
  • The Xbox Accessories app will automatically download and install any available updates.

1.5 Update the Controller Firmware

  • To open the Search menu, press Windows + S. Type in Xbox Accessories, then select the appropriate search result.
  • If a newer firmware version is available, click the Update required button that will become visible.
  • Tap on continue. 
  • Wait until the firmware is updated.

Updating your firmware can cause issues, and Windows 11 may prevent your Xbox controller from working. Thanks to the Xbox Accessories app, the issue should be resolved by the time the firmware is updated. Additionally, it will be helpful when the controller is limited to using Steam.

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