Windows 11: Price, Compatibility, Release Date and Features for Microsoft's Big New Update

Please let me know about Windows 11: Price, compatibility, release date and features for Microsoft's big new update. I am waiting for this new Windows 11. help me.


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Windows 11: Price, Compatibility, Release Date and Features

Recently, Microsoft made an official announcement stating that they are going to launch Windows 11. Microsoft made a new announcement about the next generation of Windows. Microsoft has made some big changes in its operating system.

Windows 11 has a lot of new interesting features. This includes an overall change in the look of the software, Start menu update, Microsoft Team update, ability to download Android apps and then run them on Windows computer. Below, we are going to discuss Windows 11 features in detail.

Windows 11- Features

Windows 11 is packed with many amazing features. Some of them are listed below.

Mac-Like Interface: The new interface has pastel shades, rounded corners, and a unique design. The Start menu and taskbar are located at the center.

Widgets: Windows 11 allows a user to access widgets from the taskbar only. Moreover, you can personalize widgets as per your choice.

Improved Support for Virtual Desktop: With the help of Windows 11, you can set up a virtual desktop. This is a lot similar to Mac. This allows you to toggle between work, gaming, school, and personal desktop.

Team Integration: You can directly integrate games in the taskbar. This way it will be easier for you to access the game you want to play. Teams is easily accessible from iOS, Android, and Mac.

Integrated Android Applications: Now, you can easily install Android apps from the Microsoft store. In order to access the Microsoft store, you need to open the Amazon Appstore.

What is the Release Date of Windows 11?

Windows 11 will probably get released next week as an early beta. However, it will become a public beta next month. The great thing is that it will become compatible with both old and new computers by the end of this year.

Windows 11 Compatibility

If you want to check whether your Windows 10 computer can be updated to Windows 11 or not, then you need to go to the main website of Windows.

This way, you will be able to download the PC health check app. If you purchase a new PC now, then you can update that computer to Windows 11.

Steps to Download Windows 11 After Its Release

Windows 11 will officially become available for the public during the holiday season. The process to download Windows 11 is no different from the process to download other versions of Windows. For this, you are required to go to Settings, then Update and Settings.

After that, select the option of Windows Update and then start checking for updates. If an update is available, then you will see the option of Feature update to Windows 11. Then, select the option of download and install.

Is It Possible to Upgrade Windows 11 for Free?

If you are a Windows 10 user, then a free upgrade of Windows 11 will appear on your computer system.

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