15 Roku Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Please let me know that 15 Roku hacks to make your life easier. I have no idea about that. If anyone knows then help me.

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15 Roku Hacks to Make Your Life Easier:

You cannot jailbreak Roku devices like other devices. There are lots of workarounds, features and hacks that can help you extend Roku's operational flexibility and content reach.

Below, we have mentioned some Roku hacks to make your life easier. 

1) Watch Free TV Shows and Movies

Below we have stated some ways that can help your find free TV shows and movies on Roku. 

  • Roku has a selection of free TV shows and movies. 
  • Roku has an updated list of popular channels that can provide you free content. To view this list, you need to press the Home button on your Roku remote. After that, go to streaming channels and then select Top Free.  After that, you can add any channels to your list. 
  • In case you know the name of a free channel that you wish to add, then go to Streaming Channels and then type it in the Search option and check whether it is available on Roku or not. 
  • Another way that can help you find free TV shows and movies on Roku is to visit the search category on the main page and enter the name of the program title or movie. Also, check if it is available on a channel provided by Roku.

2) Find 4k Content 

If your Roku device is 4K-enabled, then you must search what you can watch in 4K. It is important for you to check what they are offering. you can do so by selecting UHD content available and clicking on Streaming channels. This will open up a list of channels that offers 4K.

However, not every content that these channels offer is in 4K. Therefore, it is important for you to check what it is offering. If you wish to make your 4K content search easier, you must install the 4K spotlight app. from the Roku channel store and search for programs and movies that are available in 4K. 

3) Watch Live TV

It is not possible to attach an antenna to Roku. However, you can use a box in combination with OTA DVR or Roku stick. These devices will get a TV signal through the antenna and then you can stream content wirelessly on Roku.

In order to complete this process, you need to install the Roku apps. Additionally, if you use a table together with a USB hard drive, you can schedule your Roku device to play any content. Moreover, Tablo can record it on its companion hard drive. This is one of the best Roku hacks. 

4) Add Secret or Non-Certified Channels 

One of the popular hacks of Roku is to add secret, private, and non-certified channels. These channels are not mentioned in the list of Roku streaming channels. In order to add these channels, you are required to log in to your Roku account on a smartphone or computer by entering a special code. 

5) Eliminate Freezing or Buffering Videos

Some streaming services adjust the video quality based on the bandwidth speed. This means you may come across buffering streaming, or freezing issues while playing some content when the internet speed is not good enough.

In case you have a monthly data cap, then you may get charged for watching too much content in a particular month. You can also change the bitrate by going to the secret channel of Roku. This will fix your buffering and freezing issues.

To make these changes, press Home 5 times in a row and then press RW three times and press ff twice on your remote. 

6) Check the Wi-Fi Signal Strength 

Apart from the broadband speed issues, a weak Wi-Fi signal may also cause streaming issues on Roku. One of the Roku hacks that you can try here is to check the Wi-Fi signal strength by opening the secret menu.

To open this menu, you need to press Home 5 times in a row and then press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. This will launch the secret W-Fi menu and allow you to see the Wi-Fi signal strength.  After that, you can use a guide to check whether you need to move your router device closer to Roku or not. 

7) Use the Roku Mobile App 

Instead of using the Roku remote, you need to use the Roku mobile app that is available for Android as well as iOS. 

  • This app has voice search functionality apart from other Roku functions. 
  • For Roku TV, mobile app controls both TV functions as well as streaming like OTA channel scanning, audio and picture settings, and input selection. 
  • The mobile app also have the ability to listen privately to Roku channels using the earphones or mobile device's speakers.

8) Use Screencasting

If you wish to watch smartphone content on your TV using Roku, then use the screen casting feature. This works really well for self-made videos, photos, and apps. When you screen-cast a selected content on TV, you can do other things on your phone and watch your favorite show at the same time.

You can do casting on both iOS as well as Android devices. This is one of the best Roku hacks. 

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