How to Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome?

You may be willing to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” owing to a variety of reasons ranging from JavaScript code being used by hackers to infect your computer system to JavaScript in your computer system preventing the webpage to download to your JavaScript eventually hindering the process of executing the troubleshooting operation successfully.

So, for all these reasons it may become imperative for you to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” but there is a very refined and streamlined process to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” after executing which multiple issues discussed above may be easily taken care of.

Friends, I was also not able to download a number of web pages on my computer for which I had to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” by tweaking a few settings from the menu option of Google Chrome.

So, here I would like to share the same trick that may help you as well to “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” for which you just have to take a quick look at this quick user guide.

Disabling JavaScript in your Google Chrome

Step 1 - Initially you just have to open the home page of your Google Chrome followed by clicking on the “menu” icon that is visible in the form of three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the Google Chrome window.

Step 2 - Now you should be clicking on the “Settings” option after navigating the same from the menu icon of your Google Chrome.

Step 3 - Now resort to clicking on the “Privacy and Security” segment followed by searching for and clicking on the “Site Settings” option.

Step 4 - Now go on to click on the “Content” option and thereafter continue by selecting the “Java Script”.

Step 5 - Then continue by turning off the toggle switch to disable the Java Script in Google Chrome.

Disabling JavaScript in Your Google Chrome only for Some Specific Web Pages

Step 1 - You can also “disable JavaScript in Google Chrome” for some selected pages simply by performing one additional function after the steps that have been mentioned above.

So, after executing all the steps mentioned above just continue by finding the “Block and Allow” which is shown beneath the toggle switch of Java Script disablement.

Step 2 - Now under the “Block and Allow” section just continue by adding the specific URL of the web page for which you wish to disable the Java Script.

In this context, it also becomes noteworthy that if you are willing to allow the Java Script for some specific web page then under the “Allow” section you just have to add the URL of the web page therein.

But please make sure that this “Allow” Java Script option is to be applied only when you have disabled the JavaScript for all the pages in general by executing the five steps mentioned under the heading ”Disabling JavaScript in your Google Chrome” in the earlier part of this user guide.

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