Why Am I Still Getting Pop Ups on Chrome?

If you encounter pop-up windows while using Google Chrome, either the pop-up blocker is not set up correctly, or another programme is getting around the pop-up blocker. Pop-up windows are designed to open a new web page within another window while maintaining the original page's functionality. The new window may also have additional customization options.

Programs that block pop-up windows are made to prevent their use in a disruptive manner for users.

Pop-Up Blocker Disabled

Since the pop-up blocker program hasn't been set up properly, you might be seeing pop-ups in Chrome. Only two pop-up blocking options are available in Chrome: "Enable all sites to show pop-ups" or "Do not allow any sites to display pop-ups." To prevent pop-ups, the latter selection must be made. Chrome doesn't try to determine which pop-ups are acceptable and which ones aren't, instead taking an all-or-nothing stance.

By tapping the three-line "Menu" symbol, choose "Settings," "Show advanced settings," selecting "Content settings" now under Privacy section, selecting the radio button adjacent to the "Do not allow" selection, then pressing "Done," the pop-up blocker can be used to stop pop-ups on Chrome.

You've Made an Exception

Any pop-up generated from a specific page that has been added to Chrome's exceptions list may bypass the pop-up blocker. Chrome utilizes a regular expression pattern to permit pop-ups for connected sites in the same tree, that might mistakenly permit pop-ups on some other pages with similar names of the same website.

To use particular features or access services on some websites, you might need to make an exception. For login purposes, a website might employ a pop-up window. Additional pop-ups, such as adverts, will also be permitted to appear if Getting Pop-Ups on Chrome on that page is permitted to use the login service.

Malware and Chrome Pop-ups

Although if pop-ups are blocked and also the site does not appear on the exceptions list, malware can open pop-up windows and get through Chrome's pop-up blocker.

Whenever pop-ups appear on websites when the pop-up blocker must be blocking them, the machine is malware infected.

If the harmful malware is deleted from the system, the pop-ups will stop. The bulk of malware infections may be easily removed with free anti-malware tools including Malwarebytes and Spybot. Malware infections can be found and removed by antivirus software.

Adware Circumvents Blockers

Adware can open pop-up windows despite pop-up blockers, much like malware can. In contrast to malware, adware installed itself with the user's consent, despite the fact that the user may not fully understand what they're allowing.

Programs that are antivirus, as well as anti-malware, could be able to get rid of adware. The built-in uninstaller software for adware can be accessible from the Start Screen or even the "Programs and Features" menu in the Control Panel, and it might behave like any other legitimate program on the computer.

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