Can Fax Machine be Compatible With magicJack?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how can fax machine Be compatible with magicJack? I tried many times but unable to fix it. Help me

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Fax Machine be Compatible With magicJack

In this rapidly growing digital world, you get to use the digital world devices at your doorstep. With the hike in technology at an unprecedented rate, you can get numerous benefits to finish the task quickly while saving time. MagicJack is one of those technology things that is trending nowadays among users as it allows them to make free phone calls. This device requires the availability of a MagicJack account, phone number, and other equipment to connect it to your phone & PC.

How MagicJack Works Over VoIP?

MagicJack device is most common in the United States and Canada as it allows you to make unlimited Internet calls by connecting the computer or internet router to the device.

MagicJack basically works over Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network allowing you to make phone calls through your computer or on a traditional telephone. This actual jack present in the MagicJack connects a phone to a computer and helps you to send faxes through the device. However, you may encounter some problems and need to check whether the fax machine be compatible with MagicJack or not.

Most of the MagicJack users face issues while they connect it to the fax machines. This blog will cover the various outlines on whether Fax Machine Be Compatible With MagicJack or not.

What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) helps to deliver voice communication and multimedia via the Internet instead of conventional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The complete information is turned from analog to digital signal form and then parted into data packets.

The devices that transmit these packets work on some delivery protocols named codecs. The protocols encode messages and further convert them to voice on the other end of a line.

Can the Fax Machine be Compatible With MagicJack Actually?

A fax machine operates by sending and receiving documents. While in the initial step, the documents are scanned and converted to electronic pulses and then transmitted via phone line to a fax machine. The fax machine then converts those electrical impulses back to the original form and prints it on some printing paper. Similarly, you can connect to a VoIP network such as MagicJack.

The MagicJack connects to your fax machine via a phone jack or switch. However, the company never guarantees transmission quality through MagicJack. You can find troubleshooting instructions to deal with general issues in its user manual.

Moreover, if you wish to send or receive fax in an effortless manner, connect the fax machine with the fax modem and software to the MagicJack device. Now firstly, test your MagicJack connection whether it is successfully set up or not.

Once you are sure that you are able to make a phone call and the device is working fine, similarly connect your fax machine. Further, send a test fax and verify the quality of the MagicJack device.

What are the Potential Issues?

Because of the technical structure of fax machines, it is compatible with analog signals. While VoIP technology has its limitations when used with fax machines. Like, the quality of VoIP is not constant and connections are fluctuating for every faxing need.

Additionally, if you use splitters to connect your fax machine to MagicJack, there might be potential disruptions during the reception process.

VoIP technology converts audio signals into digital ones. You can face issues even while there are multiple pages and high-graphic documents for printing. Sometimes, due to failed transmission, you may have to end up with the complete faxing process.


One solution is to set up your MagicJack device using a Wi-Fi connection except for 3G or Air card. You might still face trouble in sending and receiving faxes as fax machines are commonly designed for high-speed systems.

Secondly, you can adjust the modem speed in the fax machine settings option from low to high speed as desired.

Thirdly, make sure that the error correction mode is disabled. So, this way your fax signals are perfectly read and transmitted through a VoIP network.

Lastly, if none options work for you, simply go ahead with the online fax app, i.e ‘iFax’. This iFax app is available for 5 major platforms including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Web. Additionally, it has fax image editing with an automated fax image optimization feature. Therefore, it has grown popular among users and considered the best online faxing service.

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