Can I Control Roku Streaming Device from a Mobile Device?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know can I control my Roku streaming device from a mobile device? I am facing this issue last 1 week I don't know how to control it. Help me.

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Control Roku Streaming Device from a Mobile Device

If you are asking that is it possible for one to control my Roku streaming device from my mobile device, then the answer is yes. Anyone can control the streaming device by using the Roku mobile application.

What is a Roku Mobile Application?

It is a free application for both Android as well as iOS devices that make your mobile phone a controller of your Roku streaming device. It does not only enable you to navigate on the Roku interface or to launch channels but it also allows you to give commands by using your voice. Other than that, you can share personal videos and photos on the television. Additionally, it enables you to watch the videos privately by using your headphones. 

In order to be able to use the Roku mobile application, you need to connect your smartphone to the same network as your Roku streaming device. There are certain features of the mobile application that are not supported on the Roku device. You can take a look at the Roku device comparison chart for determining the features that your Roku device supports. 

Some Points to Note: 

  • The Roku mobile application is available in Spanish, French, and English

  • The mobile application is available in countries like Chile, Canada, Argentina, the United States, The United Kingdom, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ireland, Honduras, Guatemala, France, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Columbia.

How to Connect the Roku Mobile App?

Before one starts using the Roku mobile application, it is important to check that both the Roku device as well as the mobile device are available on the same wireless network. In case you are not able to connect your Roku device on the same network, then you must make an effort to resolve all the connectivity problems. 

When you will turn on the Roku mobile app, then it will start looking for the Roku devices that are available on the network. Choose the Roku device that you want to control using the Roku mobile application. After that, you will be moved to the home screen where you can control your Roku device. 

In case the device does not appear on the discovery screen, then that means the application is not able to locate the Roku device. Once you connect the Roku mobile application to the Roku device, then you will be able to control my Roku streaming device from my mobile device. 

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