How Can I Port my magicJack Number to Another Provider?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how can I port my magicJack number to another provider? I tried many times but unable to update it. Help me.

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Port magicJack Number to Another Provider

If you are thinking about how to port the magicJack number to another provider then don’t worry about that as you can easily perform this procedure without any hassle.

But before that, you have to test the service so that you can easily make phone calls with magicJack. If you are unable to make calls through your magicJack then contact experts at magicJack.

What will You Need to Port MagicJack Number to Another Provider?

Account Number –

  1. First of all, login into your magicJack account.

  2. After that, move to the upper left corner and tap on the optionYour Account”. Then choose “Account Home”.

  3. At this moment, the account number and name will display at the top of the screen.

MagicJack Account Number and Pin

  • This is a 6 digit number that does not contain any letters or special characters.
  • Account’s Owner Name
  • If you are the only person on this account.

If you are using a shared plan then you have to enter the account owner’s name will be needed.

Billing Address –

To find out the billing address, press a click on the Account tab and then choose the option “Mailing Address”. The address that you have chosen is your billing address.

If you receive an error while trying to port your number then please get in touch with experts at magicJack and get satisfactory answers.

Follow This Procedure to Transfer magicJack Number to Another Provider –

For transferring the number on your magicJack account to another provider, some eligible requests are initiated by your new service provider that will coordinate the transfer.

Note down the following things for magicjack number porting

  1. Log into your account by going through the portal and finding out our account number.
  2. During the porting process, you have to reset your 6 digits numerical password.
  3. Now you receive the port request from your new provider, so just wait for that. If you face any kind of problem during this overall procedure then contact magicJack Support Phone Number.

Start the MagicJack Porting Process –

First of all, you need to login into your account and after that “Phone Numbers”. From the drop-down list, you have to choose “Transfer”. You are now redirected to the next screen where you have to tap on the “Port to Device” button.

One of the most important things i.e., you have to pay the one-time charge of $ 19.95 to port your magicJack number to another provider. On the other hand, if you are using Canadian numbers then you have to pay $ 10 per year.

If you need professional assistance to fix magicJack issues then call at magicJack technical support phone number that is always active to help users at the time of need.

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