How do I Activate my Roku Without Paying?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know How do I activate my Roku without paying? I tried many times but unable to activate it. Help me.


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Activate my Roku Without Paying

Roku is the easiest device to align with. All you'd like is a web connection and a MasterCard or PayPal account to register your device online and you are off. Roku stores your credit card/PayPal and billing info for on-screen in-app purchases, like buying movies from FandangoNOW or subscribing to varied SVOD (subscription-based) channels.

Tips: once you enter payment information, confirm you add a PIN and choose the choice to ‘always require a PIN to form purchases.

Here are 10 Steps to Activate my Roku Without Paying:

Step 1: When you first install your device, you’ll be asked to visit to register it.

Step 2: Click My Account, then Create Account.

Step 3: Type your name and email and select a password. Confirm you’re human after that go to the next page.

Step 4: Enter and ensure a PIN for your account, make sure to click “require a PIN for all transactions” just to be safe. Then attend the next screen.

Step 5: On this screen, they’ll invite your billing info.

Step 6: Select PayPal. Type your PayPal email. Enter an address and phone, etc., then submit.

Step 7: At now, Roku re-directs you to the PayPal homepage to login and ensure you're linking Roku to PayPal. When the PayPal page loads, just close the page. Don't log in to PayPal, don't confirm anything, just close it.

Step 8: Now, open an alternate browser window or tab and back to, tap on ‘My Account’ again, and you will notice that under the Payment Method comment it states to ‘Add a payment method to make purchases.’ 

Step 9: Go down and select ‘Link a tool .’

Step 10: Follow the instructions to link your device and you have got now done so without having to register a payment method on file.

Step 11: You can now freely use Roku without them having any of your Mastercard, open-end credit, PayPal, banking, or other info on file. you'll even use a special name and address if you'd wish to seem out for total privacy.

Step 12: Roku doesn't charge to form an account or to register a Roku device. you'll receive a variety of emails from Roku customers who said that they called a toll-free number and were told that they had to pay a fee of up to $100 to register their device or to urge technical support for fixing the device.

Step 13: There is never any fee to make a Roku account or to register a Roku device. Roku asks for payment information to form it easier for users to get or subscribe to channels directly from their Roku device. Roku cuts the payment when you're billed through your Roku account, so Roku, Inc. also features a financial incentive to urge your payment information. Here you will learn how to activate my Roku without paying.

Always remember that there are many fraudulent websites claiming to be the place to visit, register your Roku device, or to urge technical support. Roku clearly mentioned on their own website that ‘Roku doesn't charge an activation fee or charge for support.

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