How do I Set up Roku Enhanced Remote to Control my TV?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how do I set up Roku enhanced remote to control my tv? I don't know how to set it. I tried many times but unable to set it. Help me.


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Setup Roku Enhanced Remote to Control TV -

Some of the Roku enhanced remotes are designed with infrared and wireless technology. This technology allows the user to control different aspects of your tv as well as the Roku streaming device.

When you set up your Roku enhanced remote and the Roku player, then you must control the power on or off button and volume button of several different models and brands. 

Setup Roku Remote to Control TV After Initial Activation:

Once the initial setup and activation process is over, then you can go to the settings to set up the remote to control the TV as well. You must not connect the soundbar or AVR directly with your TV at the time of setup as it becomes difficult to recognize the television brand that way. 

Step 1: On your Roku enhanced remote, just press the home button

Step 2: Go up and down and select the settings

Step 3: After that, select the remote option and select setup remote for TV control. 

Step 4: All you have to do now is to go to start and select it to setup Roku enhanced remote to control my TV.

Step 5: Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the procedure. 

The process to Activate and Setup Roku Enhanced Remote to Control TV:

In case you are here to set up Roku enhanced remote to control my tv for the very first time, then you will need an internet connection. After that, select the type of display and then a screen will come up in front of you and will ask you to check the settings of the remote.

This is the first thing that you need to do for setting up the remote for turning on and off the power function of the TV and for increasing and decreasing the volume of the TV. 

Before you start with the process, increase the volume of your television up to a point where it is audible. Point the remote towards the TV while selecting the volume level. 

Step 1: To start with, check the remote settings.

Step 2: When the music is played, then you can confirm by clicking on yes. In case the music is not audible, then you must raise the volume.

After that, in the process to set up my Roku enhanced remote to control my tv, the Roku player will try to mute the sound through the remote codes. The codes are read to detect the TV brand. Click on yes when the music stops. 

Step 3: In case the music is still playing, then you can select No. It means that your Roku player couldn’t recognize the right details about the TV brand.  Although, it is possible for you to enter the brand manually by selecting the TV brand. 

Step 4: When you will use the on-screen keyboard to enter the brand, the music will start playing once again. Select yes if you listen to the music playing again. Just like previously, the Roku player will try again to mute the sound.

But now you can enter the remote codes for your television brand.  Once you have tried every single code, it is going to prompt a question of whether it can stop the music or not. If that happens, then you have to click on yes.

Step 5: Now, your Roku remote is activated and is all set to control your TV’S power and volume functions. 

How to Control Other Devices Using Roku Enhanced Remote?

Roku enhanced remote is built in such a manner that it controls the power and volume on your TV. Unfortunately, you cannot use this remote to control other devices that are connected to your television sets like a soundbar or an audio or video receiver. 

Although you can make use of the HDMI CEC technology to give commands to the soundbar or AVR in order to control the volume indirectly. In order to make it work, all the devices on the television should support HDMI CEC and you need to enable it on the devices as well.

You must read the documentation of your device to understand whether the soundbar, AVR, and TV are compatible with this kind of technology or not. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Setup Roku Enhanced Remote to Control TV:

At the time of activation and initial setup, you can set up your Roku remote for controlling the power and volume functions. The set up can be done later as well by going to the settings, then remote, and after that set up Roku remote for TV control. 

At the time of the remote setup, your Roku player will try to detect the TV brand and will start programming your Roku enhanced remote.  You will have to follow a step by step procedure for entering the brand manually as well as to program your Roku remote. 

When all the details are collected using HDMI. Then, only the device’s brand that is joined to your Roku player can get connected.

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