How to Access AOL Email with Outlook?

Please let me know how to access AOL email with Outlook. I am facing some issues while accessing this AOL mail. I have no idea about this. Help me.


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Access AOL Email with Outlook:

Connecting your Email with Outlook is ultimately the most sought-after thing you would like to accomplish as mapping your Email with Outlook brings in a whole host of benefits ranging from the organized approach of sending and receiving emails accompanying different attachments to the core facility of managing contacts becoming available all in one place thus making sense for you to access your Email account with Outlook preferably.

And, in the series of linking your Email with Outlook and using the same for sending and receiving emails seamlessly the attempt to access AOL Email with Outlook comes as no exception as you can map your AOL Email with Outlook by executing a series of prescribed steps quite easily.

Friends, I would like to tell you that I was able to access AOL Email with Outlook and harness the best of this unique suite while sending and receiving emails over the internet. In this context, I would like to share the complete walkthrough that aims to elaborately discuss how to access AOL Email with Outlook.

So, just have a quick glance over this unique user guide that discusses the concept of accessing AOL Email with Outlook with ease.

Step 1 - You can begin by launching the Outlook application followed by selecting the File menu shown on top of the menu tab.

Step 2 - Further, you must first navigate to the left pane that displays a range of sub-heads and must go on to click on the “Info” heading or option followed by clicking on the “Add Account”.

Step 3 - You must continue by punching in your AOL email address in the required text box that opens consequently followed by clicking the “Connect” button.

Step 4 - When prompted about entering the password in the required field going ahead, just enter the password of your Email and click on “Connect” this effectively succeeded by pressing the “Done” button.

As a consequence of executing the preceding steps sequentially, you will witness that your AOL email account will get mapped to the Outlook application and you will be able to access AOL Email with Outlook seamlessly with your Outlook application being able to send and receive the emails directed from or to your AOL Email going ahead.

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