How to Add Channels to Your Roku Streaming Device?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to add channels to your Roku streaming device? I am facing this issue last 1 week I don't know how to add it. Help me.

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Add Channels to Your Roku Streaming Device

Roku is a digital media player that turns any tv into smart tv through its ability to stream tons of different video streaming channels. It gets connected to the television via an HDMI port and then asks for an internet connection. Once it gets connected to the internet, you have to follow the setup. When the setup is complete, you can then stream different tv shows and movies.

ROKU Stick:

It is an HDMI stick that gets connected to the back of your TV to stream TV shows, movies, and music from different services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, and more. The earlier version of the ROKU stick worked only supported an MHL port.

Adding Channels on Roku Streaming Device:

There are several ways to add channels to your Roku player. For your convenience, we are describing the easiest way. You just have to follow these guidelines;

  • On the home screen and on the left menu navigation panel, select streaming channels. Here it is easy to browse or purchase the channel you want.

  • Choose from thousands of channels including numerous movies and t.v episodes. You will also find a section that consists of channels that are absolutely free.

  • When you find a channel you want to add, highlight it, and select “Add channel”.

  • If you created a pin during activation, you will be prompted to enter it now. ( Setting a pin prevents unwanted purchases and additions). In case you have forgotten your pin, you can go to

  • Confirm by selecting “ADD CHANNEL”.

  • You will find your new channel at the bottom of your channel list.

Adding Channels From the Roku Mobile App:

You can also add a new channel using the Roku mobile app. You can do that by following these guidelines;

  • In your Roku mobile apps, select channel store and tap the category you would like to explore.

  • Tap on the channel you want to add and click on “Add channel”.

  • You will be prompted to enter your pin if you have created one.

If you do not see the channel on your home screen, you may need to do a system update to see your new channels.

Make Sure Your System is Updated:

  • On your Roku home screen, go to settings.

  • Now select system < system update.

  • Click on the check now to check if your software is updated.

This way you can easily add channels to your Roku device. if you still got some doubts left in mind, you need not worry, just contact Roku tech support where you will be assisted by expert technicians. Representatives over Roku tech support are skillful enough to understand your query within seconds and hence resolve the technical pitfalls within the limited timeframe.

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