How to Change the Default Font and Size in Outlook?

Please let me know that how to change the default font and size in Outlook. I am facing some issues while changing the font size. Help me.

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Change the Default Font and Size in Outlook:

Outlook comes with a predefined font and size but the regular font and size can at times prompt you to change the default font and size in Outlook for making your textual presentations more attractive. Friends, I recently changed the default font and size in Outlook to get out of the conventional textual presentation the Outlook generally offers simply by following some easy and simple steps.

Here is presented the complete procedure in the form of this quick user guide to change the default font and size in Outlook, so just have a look at this quick guide to facilitate the change in default font and size in your Outlook.

Modifying Fonts in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and in Microsoft 365

Step 1 - Primarily you just have to go to the “File” menu followed by clicking on the “Options”.

Step 2 - On the options displayed on the left-hand side just click on the “Mail” category further.

Step 2 - Now navigate the options being reflected on the right side, find and click on “Stationery and Fonts”.

Step 4 - You will see a “Fonts” button being reflected under each segment viz, new mail messages, Replying or forwarding messages, composing and reading plain text messages.

New Mail Messages - If you wish to have a new font in a different size whenever you go on to create new mail messages then click on “Font” under the “New Mail Messages”.

Replying or Forwarding Messages - Similarly, if you have the intention to change the default font and size in Outlook under the “Replying or Forwarding Messages” heading, simply click on “Font” under the “Replying or Forwarding Messages”.

Composing and reading plain text messages - Likewise, if you are willing to have new font and size especially when you try to compose or draft new messages then you must click the “Font” button under the “Composing and Reading plain text messages” segment.

Step 5 - As a result of clicking on the “Font” button a new dialogue box will appear wherein you can change the name of the font, its size, etc to actually change the default font and size in Outlook followed by clicking on OK to give effect to the newly desired changes.

Amending the Font and the Size of New Messages on

Step 1 - Simply go on to click on the “Settings” option followed by clicking on “View all Outlook Settings”.

Step 2 - Now prefer to select “Mail” after which you just have to click on the “Compose and Reply” button.

Step 3 - Here you just need to click on the Font dropdown menu and tweak one or more settings pertaining to font name, color, size, and alignment under the “Message” format.

Step 4 - When you notice that all the desired changes in the font settings have been carried out, simply click on “Save” to finally save the font-related settings.

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