How to Control Roku Without a Remote or Wifi?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to control Roku without a remote or wifi? I tried many times but failed So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

Noel Daria 1   Ans 4 months ago
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Control Roku Without a Remote or Wifi

Roku mobile application is a free application for Roku users. It is easy for a person to download and install the Roku application. One can easily download and install the Roku application on his or her android device or iOS smartphone. It enables you to have access to several amazing features such as watching videos, live shows, and the latest movies, etc. 

  • Use your Roku mobile application as a remote control
  • Share the memories on the television screen using screen mirroring. 
  • You can watch movies or videos privately. 
  • It also enables an individual to use voice search. 

A Roku mobile application can perform all the jobs that a remote control does. In certain cases, it performs functions that cannot be performed by the Roku remote. In case your remote does not have an audio jack, then you can do private listening using your Roku app. 

What should one do if the Roku remote is lost or broken?

We all know that every technology item faces some kind of default or issue at some point of time. In case your remote is not functioning in a proper manner, then that problem can be resolved without calling the technical support team. 

In order to Control Roku Without Remote or WiFi issue, then these are the solutions that you are available with.

Try pairing your remote once again 

In case your remote control is not responding in a proper manner, then the best way to resolve that problem is to repair your Roku remote.  

Take off the back cover of your remote control and then press a black colored small button that is placed below the battery. Keep on holding that button for the next 3 seconds and keep it close to your Roku. Now, you should connect the two once again. 

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