How to Create a Roku Channel in 3 Steps?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to create a Roku channel in 3 steps? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to create it. Help me.

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Create a Roku Channel in 3 Steps

In the modern era, standard television is way out of trend and it is being replaced by smart TVs that use a digitized process to stream your favorite channels. Roku is a digital media player that has the capability to stream various video channels when connected to a working internet network. It can be connected to your smart TV through an HDMI port. Its predecessor could be connected through an MHL port. 

The Roku stick which connects to the back of your smart TV can be accessed to stream different video streaming channels like Hulu, Spotify, Amazon, and much more. If you want these channels to stream on your device, you need to create a Roku account.

As we have discussed earlier with our viewers on how to create a Roku account, but this time we will be describing ways to create your own Roku channel. For those who are beginners, we must tell that Roku uses its own, tenure of coding language called, “BrightScript,” which is extremely difficult to learn and master even for those who are experts in coding. 

There are many software programs and products that come into an instance when you create a Roku channel. It’s not easy to create a Roku channel, you need years of expertise in learning to code and doing it perfectly to create your own channel. Once you have expertise in such things you can create hundreds of channels on your own. To learn how to create your own Roku channel, you need to understand the five basic C’s of the Roku channel. 

Follow the Guidelines Below to Develop your Own Roku Channel:

Concept - Concept, in essence, is the idea of your channel which consists of a logo, graphics, layout, and design elements of your channel to make it alluring to the viewers.

Code - coding is the basic fundamental of your channel which consists of the channel code as well as the channel feed. The coding must be done in Roku’s proprietary Bright Script and the channel feed must then be written in either MRSS XML or JSON.

Content - Content is your idea of a video that you want to stream through your channel. The content you want to create must be gathered, encoded and then links are generated for video and screenshots which is added to code. This process is called content ingestion.

Content delivery network - CDN (Content delivery network) is designed specifically for providing streaming content to television networks. This is the most expensive part of creating a Roku channel and can cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In addition to monthly fees and bandwidth charges.

Commitment - If you have successfully managed to put all the above things in place, then the last but not the least part is commitment. Commitment to manage, launch, develop, maintain your channel on a routine basis. 

If you have created a channel with so many efforts, it is advisable to add new content to your channel on a regular basis. Maybe when your channel is created, you will gain viewers, but if you do not add anything new to it, there is less chance of viewership.

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