How to Display Photos Videos and Songs on Roku TV?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to display photos videos and songs on Roku tv? I don't know how to display it. I tried many times but unable to display it. Help me.

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Display Photos Videos and Songs on Roku TV

When you wish to view personal media such as songs, videos, and photos on your television screen, then you can use an inbuilt play on the Roku feature available in your free Roku mobile application for both Android devices as well as iPhones. 

The play on Roku feature enables you to view songs, video, and photos, which is saved on your smartphone that is compatible with your Roku streaming device. Once you have launched your mobile application and you have chosen what you want to see from your tab or mobile phone, it will appear on your television. 

Can You Share Other Different Types of Content from Tab or Mobile Phone:

You can do stuff other than display photos videos and songs on Roku tv with a play on Roku. You can share some other kind of content from your mobile phone using features that are given below:

Screen Mirroring

To mirror or replicate anything that you watch on your television screen. This screen monitoring feature can be used with compatible Windows and Android devices. 


Some channels like Netflix and YouTube provide a feature called casting, which enables you to direct a TV show, movie, or video that you are watching on your smartphone to the television screen. In case you find a casting icon in a mobile application, then you can use your Roku device. 

What Kind of File Type is Supported by Roku Device?

These are some of the file types that are supported by the Roku device. 

Photos: PNG and JPG 

Video: MP4, MOV, M4V. 

Music: MP3 and M4A


  • Only the videos that you capture using your smartphone are supported
  • Aspect ratio videos(nonstandard) will not be supported. 

How to Use Play on Roku?

  1. Launch Roku mobile application on your tablet or smartphone. 
  2. Launch play on Roku by clicking on the photos icon that is given at the bottom of your Roku mobile application. 
  3. Either choose videos, photos, or music to start selecting what to share from your smartphone. Whenever you want you can get access to your media library enabling your Roku mobile application to share content. 
  4. Select the songs, videos, or photos for sharing on Roku TV. 

How can I and My Friends Share Pictures on Roku TV at the Same Time?

In order to be able to share pictures from multiple smartphones simultaneously, then you, your friends, and family members must follow the steps as follows:

  1. Connect your compatible smartphones and tabs to the same wireless network to which your Roku device is connected. 
  2. Install the Roku mobile application. 
  3. Launch the application on your phone.
  4. After that to display photos videos and songs on Roku tv, you need to launch play on Roku by choosing photos that are given at the end of the Roku mobile app on your navigation bar. 
  5. Select photos.

You and your friends can share pictures on your smartphones just by touching on the photo to start casting on the TV. Play on the Roku app will begin displaying pictures from your library on your television screen and to the next person who wishes to share pictures. 

How to Show Pictures on Roku TV?

Now that you have chosen the photos that you wish to share, then Play on Roku is going to display photos from every smartphone that is connected before going ahead with sharing pictures from the next smartphone in the same order in which you submitted pictures. 

Can I and My Friends Share Music and Videos on Roku TV?

Yes, play on Roku can also play music and videos stored on your smartphone. Just select the music or video file, which you want to share on your Roku device and your videos or music is going to be played in the order they were shared on the Roku device. 

Why are Photos Not Showing Up on Roku TV, Even Though the Roku Photo Slideshow is Changing?

In case you have two or more Roku devices, then that means that your Smartphone is connected to the right Roku device by tapping on the icon of settings, then change the Roku device and select the right one.

If you wanna use a play on Roku, then you must download the recent version of the Roku mobile application on your compatible smartphone. You also need to ensure that you connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network to which the Roku device is connected. 

You can also take a look at the Roku comparison chart to find out which Roku product is compatible with play on the Roku feature. Carefully view the description and cast personal media to your television set with Roku mobile app. 

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