How to Download and Use the YouTube App on Roku?

Please let me know that how to download and use the YouTube app on Roku. I am facing some issues while trying to watch Youtube on Roku. Help me.

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Download and Use the YouTube App on Roku:

YouTube is the oldest and the most popular video streaming platform. It began its journey as a free-to-watch platform and added paid options as the years passed by. You can access free YouTube content on the Roku YouTube app. If you want, you can also use YouTube premium to watch the content you purchased earlier. Below, you will learn all that you need to know about watching YouTube content. This includes YouTube TV and Youtube premium on Roku. 

How to watch YouTube on Roku? 

You can have access to all YouTube features by installing YouTube app on Roku. These features include purchased content and playlists. To begin with the process, you are required to install the YouTube app from the channel store. Once the app is installed, then you can log into it by entering your email credentials. Once you enter the credentials, you can have access to a wide collection of YouTube video content.

On your YouTube app's home page, you will see a search icon in the left sidebar. In order to view a video, you can highlight it and select Ok on your remote. This will play the video. First, a few ads will be played, and then the video will be played. The YouTube app of Roku has many other astounding features as well. These include:

1) Playlists

Once you successfully log in to your YouTube account, you will see many playlists. If you want, you can add more videos to that playlist. You can see the playlists in the left sidebar menu. 

2) Access to guest account

Roku's YouTube application offers a guest account that enables you to watch content for free. Moreover, you are not required to log into your Google account in order to watch free content. You will not require an extra setup to start watching the videos immediately after installing the app. 

3) YouTube premium

YouTube Premium was earlier known by the name of YouTube Red. This is a paid subscription, which allows you to access YouTube Original content, stream unlimited music, and view ad-free content. If you wish to access YouTube premium content from the YouTube app of Roku, then you must log in to the YouTube account, which you used to subscribe. Select the search icon to find the content that you want to watch. You can also visit the premium channels you followed. The app supports multiple users, so you can change users whenever required. 

4) YouTube TV

A user who has subscribed to YouTube TV can have access to LiveTV streaming with unlimited DVD storage and more than 85 channels. Sadly, Roku has severed ties with Google when it comes to Live TV streaming. The application has been deleted from the channel store and can't be downloaded. If you have the latest version of the YouTube app installed on your system, then look for the option of "Go to Youtube TV" at the end of the left sidebar. Select that option and then sign into YouTube TV. 

5) Rentals and purchases

The YouTube app of Roku enables you to buy TV shows and movies from the app only. If you want, you can access the content you bought earlier from Google Play Movies and TV or YouTube. Your purchases will be displayed in the section of purchases. You can also view the Google Play Family Library content on the Roku YouTube app. 

Cyrus neal 02 September 2022