How to Fix Bellsouth.Net Email Not Working Error?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Bellsouth.Net email not working error. I have tried so many times to log in to it, but it's not working. Help me.

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Fix Bellsouth.Net Email Not Working Error

If you have an account in and you are facing the email not working error, then there might be many reasons behind the occurrence of this error. The first thing you should do is to check the at&t server. If the AT&T servers are down, then you will have to wait till they fix the server.

You can also try turning off security programs like firewall protection, removing the browser add-ons, verifying the compatibility of the browser, checking the block list, checking the spam folder, checking the space, checking the settings for mail forwarding, and configuring the BellSouth to a third party email application. These are some of the ways through which you can fix the email not working error.

Checking the Server if Email Login Problems

Checking the AT&T Bellsouth.Net server is probably the first step towards fixing the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error” issue. To check it, just open, type Bellsouth Email in the search bar and press the Search button.

If the AT&T Bellsouth server is down, a big bold message will get displayed. You can confirm it further from If the Bellsouth server is down for all the users, you will just have to wait as AT&T Bellsouth will fix the server issue all by themselves.

Turning off the Security Programs

There may be a scenario when the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error” issue may be because of your Antivirus application blocking the sending or receiving of emails through Bellsouth messenger.

Hence to fix this up you need to temporarily disable the firewall protection. This way you can continue sending or receiving the emails without any interference.

Removing the Browser’s Add-Ons

The browser add-ons may also be the cause of the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error” for which you have to clear cache memory and cookies. To get this done just go to the Settings followed by clicking the Privacy and Security.

Then click on Clear Data. This action should allow you to send and receive emails using Bellsouth messenger. If you are still not able to send or receive emails then try the next method.

Recovering Bellsouth Login and Password 

On a few occasions, you may have lost your email id and password due to a hacking attempt. Hence by recovering your email and password, you can fix the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error”.

Just follow these simple steps to get this done.

Step 1 - Go to the official AT&T login page.

Step 2 - Now click on Forgot User ID to open the recovery webpage.

Step 3 - Now on the page that gets opened choose your recovery email and enter the Captcha code.

Step 4 - Then click Continue and select from the available options to recover your email id.

Step 5 - Enter the Email ID received and reset the Bellsouth password.

Verifying the Browser Compatibility 

Many a time, your internet browser may not be running in a compatible mode in sync with your Bellsouth email account. This would have actually paved the way for “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error”.

To verify, you can open your Bellsouth email account on some other internet browser. And, if you are able to access your Bellsouth email using another browser then you need to install the latest compatible version of the previous internet browser to eventually fix the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error”.

Checking the Block List 

It may also be a possibility that you may have blocked a specific user unknowingly that could have actually caused the “Bellsouth.Net Email not working error”. Hence to unblock the user go to Junk Mail followed by the Block Sender tab and then click on the Remove option.

Checking the Spam Folder

There may also be a strong probability that instead of receiving emails in your inbox, you may be receiving the emails in the Spam folder. If the case is so then go to Bellsouth email settings and delete the redundant or irrelevant filters to start receiving mails in the inbox.

Checking for the Space

Your Bellsouth inbox comes with a specified or limited space due to which your inbox may have run out of space and so to fix this up delete the unnecessary emails from the inbox to start receiving the emails in your inbox.

Checking the Mail Forwarding Settings

Also, check the “Forwarding” settings of your Bellsouth email account. If such settings are enabled then mails routed to your inbox may be getting diverted to some other email id.

Just disable it to start receiving back all the mails directed to you in your Bellsouth inbox.

Configuring your Bellsouth to a Third-Party Email Application

If nothing works then map your Bellsouth email account with messengers like Outlook or Thunderbird which can help you fix the Bellsouth.Net Email not working error.

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