How to Fix It When Roku TV Sound is not Working

Please let me know that how to fix it when Roku tv sound is not working. I an facing some issues in this. Help me.


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Fix It When Roku TV Sound Is Not Working:

Roku TV audio occasionally seems erratic, either on a particular channel or overall. If you're having trouble getting your Roku TV to work again, try the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Why Doesn't Sound Play on My TCL Roku TV?

These settings may be to blame if the display on the TCL Roku TV is working properly but the sound is not working:

Step 1: Your remote control may be muted or set to a very low volume.

Step 2: Your Roku TV Sound Is Not Working.

Step 3: Night or Levelling is the selected volume mode.

Step 4: When using the Roku mobile app for headphones only, private listening is enabled.

Step 5: If you are having sound problems with just one app, find out more information on the app's support website.

Is There A Problem With Roku's Sound?

It's possible that Roku is having sound problems if they affect the Roku menu along with every of the applications on your Roku TV or additional Roku streaming devices.

For service alerts, check out the Roku support website or social media accounts. Perusing the most recent Roku OS announcements may also yield hints regarding any modifications that might be impacting your audio quality.

What Caused the Sound to Go Out on My Roku TV?

Some potential causes for an unexpected loss of sound on your Roku TV are as follows:

Step 1: An inadequate network connection

Step 2: Unsecured wires

Step 3: A glitch in a software update

Step 4: Malfunctioning hardware

Step 5: When sound on a Roku TV consistently stops working and needs to be hard or soft rebooted multiple times to get it working again.

Solutions for Roku TV Sound Problems

If your Roku TV's sound isn't working, try these solutions to get it working again.

Step 1: Vary the volume on your remote. Mute and volume up buttons should be pressed. Use these instructions to reactivate your Roku remote if it isn't working.

Step 2: Verify the speakers are turned on. Navigate to Speakers under Settings > Sound. If you choose Off, neither your TV nor any external speakers will produce any sound.

Step 3: Turn off levelling audio. Using your remote, press the Star symbol to bring up the Options panel. To check if it fixes your no-audio problem, select Off underneath Volume mode.

Step 4: Using the Roku mobile app, turn off private recording. When the Roku app launches, tap the headset icon to turn off private listening if you see one on your screen.

Step 5: Verify the connectivity of your WiFi. Your audio quality can be affected by a bad network connection.

Step 6: Check for updates for the system. To find the latest OS version, examine your Roku TV settings. Located under Firmware > System Update on the majority of Roku TVs, this setting.

Step 7: Your Roku TV should restart. Should there be no update available, try restarting the system. Broad system problems are typically resolved with this step.

Step 8: Examine every channel on Roku. You probably have a Roku OS or TV problem if the menu and every one of the channels are silent. Should it be limited to a single app, seek further details from the developer or remove and reload the channel.

Step 9: Make sure the HDMI and audio cables are connected correctly. Verify that the power connector to your Roku TV is securely fastened and look for any loose audio output or input connections with additional accessories like soundbars. Just to be safe, you might also think about changing the cables.

Step 10: Modify the audio preferences. Select Automatic from System > Audio instead of an individual audio format if you use the TV monitors or have your Roku TV connected to a surround sound system.

Step 11: Hard reset or perform a factory reset. Before plugging your TV back in, turn it off and let it sit unplugged for five to ten minutes.

Step 12: Speak to the manufacturer of your Roku TV. It's probably time to contact your Roku TV's manufacturer if you haven't been able to track down a problem with a single app, all of your connections are safe, and the updates & resets don't work. System settings > About is where you will discover this information.

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