How to Fix magicJack Error 401?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to fix magicJack error 401? I tried many times but unable to fix it. Help me.

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Fix magicJack Error 401

There are various reasons behind magicJack error 401, such as internet connection, program compatibility, MagicJack updating issues. Whenever you face magicJack error 401 then, first of all, you should connect your magicJack to another USB port.

If after plugging magicJack into another USB port, if it works fine then you should understand that the problem is related to the USB port. On the other hand, if magicJack produces the same error then should try another solution.

A Solution for How to Fix magicJack Error 401 –

Step 1: First of all, unplug magicJack from your computer and open Windows Explorer.

Step 2: After that, navigate to “C: Documents and Settings [username] Application Data”. Now search for the folder named “MJUSBSP” and once you find it, just delete it.

Step 3: If your problem does not get resolved through the above step then click on Start>All Programs>Accessories. After this, press right-click on Command Prompt and then choose the option “Run as administrators” to start an elevated Command Prompt.

Step 4: The moment when the magicJack error occurs, just turn off your device for a few moments, and after that turn it on and then connect it to your computer.

Step 5: If you have recently installed an application and after that, you are encountering magicJack error 401, then you should disable such programs. Also, confirm that your computer’s date and time settings are correct. This is because incorrect dates and times may cause magicJack error 401 to occur.

Step 6: Download and install the latest version of magicJack on your operating system. This step is necessary as a simple update can fix the issue. Before using magicJack, make sure your system fulfills all the requirements.

This is because if you have set up your device properly and your computer will not recognize magicJack. Also, you need to check your internet connectivity, if it is stable or not. To confirm that issue is not related to the connection, you need to start your modem and router.

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