How to Fix magicjack Plus Error 23?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to Fix magicJack plus error 23? I tried many times but unable to fix it. Help me


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Fix Magicjack Plus Error 23:

MagicJack is a small device that you connect to your phone line or computer system. It makes use of the VOI technology for making low-cost international calls. A large number of people make use of this device to contact their family and friends who live abroad.

One doesn’t have to worry about the bill amount when he or she is using MagicJack. The MagicJack services are very popular amongst people living in North America. It has also been given the title of product of the year in some of the states across the USA.

We all come across some kind of default or glitch while using a technical device. MagicJack is not free from errors either.  As one has to use the internet while making an international call, the issues associated with this device rise in number. So, given below are a few methods that one must follow to get rid of MagicJack Plus error 23.

Restart your device

1) Disconnect your MagicJack from your PC’s USB port. 

2) Reboot your computer system

3) Now, re-insert  MagicJack in your computer system and open the dial-pad of MagicJack once again. 

Connect your MagicJack device to the router

1) Disconnect your MagicJack from the router, telephone, and power source. Also, disconnect your telephone from the power source if it is cordless. 

2) Additionally, you need to disconnect the router from the power outlet. Let it remain detached for the next one minute. Now, connect it back to the wall outlet once again. 

3) Once you have connected it back to the power source, wait for a few minutes before you re-insert anything to it. 

4) Now, reconnect your MagicJack plus into your router, modem, or telephone. 

Try changing ports

There is a chance that the internet port where you have inserted the device isn’t in a working condition, which is why MagicJack plus error 23 is showing up. In such a case scenario, try inserting MagicJack in a different port. Repeat the same process if you want to place the device in your router. 

Check your network connection

MagicJack plus error 23 can also pop up because of unstable internet connection or due to slow internet speed. One must use a broadband connection as it provides a speed of 128 kb/s. You can also use another connection that has a speed equivalent to a broadband connection. 

Change wires

In case rebooting the device does not solve your problem and your internet speed is also steady, then you can try changing the cords to fix MagicJack plus error 23. 

Firmware update

If the above-mentioned techniques don’t work in your favour, then maybe it’s because your device requires firmware upgrade. To complete firmware update, you need to visit the main website of MagicJack and then move to the tab of downloads.  

Enter your device’s model number and check the availability of updates. If updates are available, then you must download and install them on your system instantly.

So, given above were some of the troubleshooting methods that one can use to fix the issue of magicjack plus error 23

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