How to Fix magicJack Plus Power Adapter Problem?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to fix the magicJack plus power adapter Problem? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Fix magicJack Plus Power Adapter Problem

The use of this device is quite simple, first you need to plug in the USB port of your hub, and then it will register you with the company. Once the registration process is done with the company, you can start your phone service through the internet.

This device is quite simple in use and it is used for voice-over through the internet, it is widely used to make long-distance international calls to the United States and Canada, etc.

Let us Discuss How to Fix magicJack Power Adapter Problem

There are a lot of issues by which you’re magicJack plus device stops working due to electric up and down and some other electrical problems.

There are Two Ways Using You Can Fix Up Your magicJack power adapter problem

Step 1: Troubleshoot with the adapter.

Step 2: Replace the power adapter with the new one.

Troubleshooting With the magicJack Adapter

Step 1: First, you need to change your firewall setting an Ethernet cable and change your power supply, then you can see whether your problem is resolved or not.

Step 2: The magicJack power adapter generally works on one ampere with an output of five volts only, so if you have any other device power adapter, which works on the output of ‘5’ volte only, you can use that, it might not depend that is of Nokia, Samsung or some other devices.

Step 3: There might be another case in which the adapter has been broken, so in this case, you need a fresh adapter.

Replace magicJack Power Adapter with a New One

There are some point’s steps you need to look out for changing your old adapter with a new one

Step 1: First, you need to visit the magic jack website by entering the URL in the address bar.

Step 2: After opening the magicJack website page, you need to scroll the page and go to the bottom of the page, where you need to find the ‘FAQ/knowledge’ link section.

Step 3: You need to write ‘Power adapterin the search box, and click on search, after this, you will get a lot of entries, you need to look out the first one entries which shows the question ‘ can I order a replacement power adapter’, now you need to click on that entry to find the details of replacing your old adapter to the new one.

Step 4: In that, it is clearly mentioned, yes you can replace your old power adapter with the new one by clicking on this link

Step 5: Now you need to click on that link, after clicking you will get the login page, you have to enter your credentials to log in to the page like username or network name and password.

Step 6: When you logged in to the system, this page will take you to the order page, where you need to place an order for your magicJack PLUS power adapter, In this case, you need to contact magic jack customer support also and told them that you have placed a replacement order for power adapter.

Step 7: Now the power adapter price is shown ‘$0.00’.

Step 8: Now you need to click on the place the order button and you can see the price is not changed, it still showing ‘$0.00’, this clearly states that your new power adapter cost is ‘0’, you do not need to pay the amount for getting a new power adapter.

Note: There is a limit to replacing a power adapter is only one time, suppose you are a customer, so you can replace your power adapter only one time.

This is the complete process to troubleshoot your power adapter and how to replace your defective power adapter with the new one.

There is Some Frequently Asked Question is Regarding the magicJack Replacement of the Power Adapter

Step 1: Some people say, that it is not free, they have paid some amount to get a new adapter.

Step 2: Some people say that the device does not have any kind of cost, but they have paid a shipping charge extra

Step 3: Some say that device costs and shipping charges both are free.

Step 4: Some people using an HTC power adapter in place of a magicJack power adapter and they are recommended it.

Step 5: One important thing you need to keep in mind with your power adapter, your power adapter should be ‘5’ volt and ‘1’ amp.

MagicJack is one of the hardware devices which is used to provide voice over internet protocol phone service

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