How to Fix Roku Error Code 014.30?

please let me know that how to fix roku error code 014.30. i am facing some issues in this. help me.

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Fix Roku Error Code 014.30:

Roku Error Code 014.30 is an error that may often interrupt you from watching content on Roku. Here is a quick guide that prescribes a few simple fixes along with the prime cause of this 014.30 error.

Roku Error Code 014.30: The causes first

When you are trying to stream your favorite video and your Roku equipment does not receive strong internet bandwidth it may give rise to the Roku Error Code 014.30. Also, in a scenario when your Roku is not able to connect to the internet, you may witness the Code 014.30 Error.

What happens to be noteworthy here is the fact that you will see this error code as a message in a typical purple box with the display of possible reasons pertaining to this 014.30 Error Code.

The possible fixes for the Roku Error Code 014.30

1 - Testing your Wi-Fi network happens to be the foremost solution

Use another cell or computer to ascertain whether your internet is working well. In case intermittent internet stoppage is also witnessed on other devices then either troubleshoot your internet connection or contact your internet service provider.

2 - Reconfiguring the settings using the Roku remote is another fix 

Effectuate the “System Restart” feature by following the “Settings > System” course on your Roku Remote which will take care of the Roku Error Code 014.30. You can also opt to follow the “Settings > System > Power > System restart” route on the Roku Menu in case of having a television to watch Roku.

3 - Unplugging and then reconnecting your Roku might also work

Unplug your Roku from the Power Outlet, wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect the Roku device to check whether the irritating 014.30 error has been dealt with.

4 - A quick reboot of the Wi-Fi router can also be tried out

There may be a fair chance that your Wi-Fi router might not be sending appropriate bandwidth to your Roku device which eventually calls for rebooting your Wi-Fi router. So, once you reboot your Wi-Fi router you might not see the Roku Error Code 014.30 again. 

5 - You can also set up the connection using the Roku remote

Power up all the devices and see if the 014.30 error appears again. In case you still see this error go to the “Settings” menu followed by opening the “Network” panel. Then under the “Setup Connection” section select the “Wireless” option and continue by entering the login credentials which may eventually serve as a panacea for this 014.30 Roku Error Code.

6 - Adding the MAC Address can also fix the issue

On a few occasions, your Roku device may have gotten blocked owing to non-recognition of the MAC Address Filtering which may have eventually caused the Roku Error Code 014.30 to emanate. To fix this, just add the MAC Address and check whether the issue has been resolved.

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