How To Fix Roku Remote Battery Drain? Fix it

Please let me know how to fix Roku remote battery drain. I am facing some issues with Roku remote. If anyone knows then help me.


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Fix Roku Remote Battery Drain:

My Roku only has one drawback: I need to swap out the batteries regularly. After a hard day at work last week, I wanted to play my favourite game on my Xbox, but my Roku control wasn't functioning. I needed my remote to function to adjust the Roku TV input before I could start playing.

  • This wasn't very pleasant. 
  • Whenever I complained to a friend about this, he informed me that my Roku control was draining its battery and that this problem was not typical. 
  • Now everything is made clear.
  • I felt it was time to find a long-term remedy because I had tolerated this problem for too long.
  • I finally discovered what was wrong with my Roku remote after wading into the Roku Community Forums and troubleshooting manuals for hours in search of an answer. 
  • A problem with the hardware, the Roku Remote Battery Drain, can be resolved by just replacing the remote. With your Roku device, a universal remote control is also an option. 

What Roku Did to Address The Issue

The Roku Remote Battery Drain problem first came to light in 2021. Roku acknowledged this problem and quickly released a software patch to fix it. 

For a very tiny number of customers, the problem was only fixed by the upgrade. This indicates that a software bug is not the problem's primary cause.

Many people affected by this problem reported no relief in their symptoms. You can attempt troubleshooting if your Roku remote is entirely unresponsive.

What Might be Draining the Remote's Battery?

I spent hours researching this issue before concluding that hardware is solely to blame for the battery depletion.

Due to one of the following:

  • Flawed manufacturing
  • Faulty batteries
  • Contaminated interior parts
  • These lay forth a specific course for resolving the problem.

Make Sure Your Batteries are Brand-New.

Sometimes, you may need to be made aware that the batteries you use have a shorter lifespan because they were made years ago or have already been used up.

The battery life of your Roku control may be readily checked. Adhere to the instructions:

  • Hit the Home key.
  • To the Settings menu by scrolling.
  • Go to the Remotes & Devices tab by scrolling.
  • The top-right corner of the screen should flash with the battery level.

All Smart devices, including your Blink camera, suffer from depleted batteries, but its battery may be easily replaced.

Assess the Software for Updates

A software error is likely responsible for the battery depletion in your specific remote. 

  • Ensure your remote has the Roku software patch installed (which I indicated previously).
  • Your Roku remote should say "Home."
  • Click the Settings menu after scrolling to it.
  • Choosing the System tab. 
  • Select the System Update tab after scrolling there. 
  • Select "Check now" from the menu.
  • Install any available updates.
  • Cut the hassle and get a new remote.
  • Simply replacing your remote is the most straightforward and least complicated option.

Although purchasing a remote that was previously included for free can be somewhat cumbersome, it is unquestionably preferable to replace your remote's batteries regularly. 

Purchase a Universal Remote

  • You can replace your existing universal remote after customizing it with a new Roku remote and purchasing one.
  • Press the Home, Back, and Pairing buttons simultaneously and hold them all down. Hold them for five more seconds.
  • To signal the unpairing, the indicator light will blink three times.
  • Try tapping a few buttons to ensure the remote has been unpaired.
  • Your universal remote can now be connected.

Observe these guidelines:

  • Hit the Setup button on the remote.
  • Until the indicator light turns red, keep pressing the button.
  • The device's four-digit security code must be entered.
  • To make sure the remote is paired, test it.

Use Smartphone

Roku has also released remote control software on the Play Store and Software Store. All you have to do is ensure your Roku player and smartphone are connected to the same network.

Assembling is done as follows:

  • Start the Roku media player.
  • Ensure your smartphone and the Roku device are linked to the same WiFi network.
  • Get the Roku remote app for your device.
  • Tap on Devices after launching the app.
  • On the Remote button, press.
  • You can also try the Roku app.
  • My Roku's battery drain problem has been irritating.
  • After attempting various remedies, I had to replace my remote with a newer one, which fixed the problem for good.
  • However, you can utilize the Roku app if you prefer to spend money on something other than a new remote.
  • It performs admirably. The Roku TV may also be turned on without a remote.

You should contact Roku support if you need help with these solutions and your Roku device still needs to be covered under warranty. 


How Long Should a Roku Remote's Batteries Last?

A Roku remote's batteries ought to last for at least two months. 

Is a Free Replacement Roku Remote Available?

Only the brand-new Roku remote can be bought, and those costs have already been revealed.

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