How to Fix Sound Problem with magicJack?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to fix the sound problem with magicJack? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Fix Sound Problem with magicJack

magicJack is a USB device through which we can make phone calls for a reduced cost as compared to traditional phone service. magicJack device is directly plugged into your computer.

It also has a phone cord outlet through which you can make phone calls using your regular home phone. We can use magicJack for making local as well as long-distance phone calls. As it is a technical device so users may experience operational issues with magicJack.

Follow These Steps to Fix the Sound Problem with magicJack –

Step 1: First of all, confirm that your magicJack is connected properly to the USB outlet as well as your computer.

Step 2: After that, check your telephone and make sure your magicJack is connected securely.

Step 3: On your operating system, open Menu and then choose the Volume tab. After that, you need to inspect the volume settings on your phone to confirm that the volume is not muted. Also, confirm that you have chosen the handset mode.

Step 4: Next, you have to open the sound menu. For this, go to the menu bar and then press right-click on the Sound button. From the pop-up menu, you have to choose “playback devices”.

In the same menu, choose Properties by pressing right-click on the Handset icon. Also, confirm that the “Device Usage” option also set as “enabled”.

Step 5: If you are using computer headsets and speakers then make sure you have chosen the right device from the options.

Step 6: Once you finish the above steps, you need to unplug your internet connection for 3 minutes, and after that plug-in again and wait until your internet connection gets re-established.

Step 7: In last, unplug your magicJack from your computer and after that restart your device and then plug-in back in.

If the above steps do not prove helpful in your case then it’s time to contact you. Here a team of experts is always available to troubleshoot your query so that you enjoy unlimited calling facility with distant dears without any hesitation.

Various users complained about “No sound bug” with this device and if you are the one who is experiencing such a problem, then don’t get worried as solving sound problems is quite easy. But if you have no clue about how to fix the sound problem with magicJack then it is always a good idea to seek professional assistance.

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