How to Fix When Roku Remote not Working?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to fix when the Roku remote not working? I am facing this issue last 1 month I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

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Fix When Roku Remote not Working

Roku is a video streaming device that allows users to watch tons of different streaming channels online. It can be directly connected to your tv through an HDMI port. It uses your internet connection to stream your favorite movies and T.V shows. If the Roku is connected to the internet and you have completed its setup, you can avail of services of various channels like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, and many more.

Once the Roku is streaming video channels online, it can be managed using a Roku remote that uses two AA batteries. You just have to pair your Roku remote with your T.V to access various video streaming channels. All you gotta do is press and hold the Pairing button in the Roku remote for about 3 seconds and wait for some time until the Roku finally pairs with your remote.

In case your Roku remote is not working we will give clarification on how to fix this issue. You can also avail of the services of customer support by contacting well-trained professionals on Roku help provider in case you have any kind of issues with your Roku device. In our content, we will be talking about how to fix you when the Roku remote not working.

Before we move any further and assist you with any possible solutions, we want to tell the readers that the Roku streaming device comes with two types of remote control. One is the Standard IR (infrared) remote which works when you directly point the remote to Roku and the other is the Enhanced “point-anywhere” remote which works over a wireless network and does not matter from anywhere you point it. To ease this issue we will provide our readers with clarification over both the remotes.

You Just Have to Follow the Guidelines Below to Fix When Roku Remote Not Working Issue:

Fixing a Standard IR (infrared) Remote -

  1. Fixing the Signals - The standard IR remote works on infrared signals. So make sure that there is no obstacle while you are pointing towards the Roku device. Make sure that there is no device in between while you point your remote towards

  2. Check the Batteries - It might be possible that the AA batteries at the back of your Roku remote are not working. In such a scenario, you can either reset the batteries by removing them and then placing them back into the remote or change / replace the batteries if they are not working. Insert new batteries if they are not working in case of resetting.

Fixing an  Enhanced “Point-Anywhere” Remote -

  1. Reboot Your Roku Device and Remote - If your Roku enhanced remote is not working the first thing to do is remove the batteries and then restart your Roku device by removing the power cable. After a few seconds plug back the power cable of Roku. When the Roku logo appears on the screen, place the batteries once again into the remote and check if it’s working.

  2. Press and Hold - You can press and hold the pairing button on the back of your battery compartment for three seconds until it gives a paring sign by flashing light. Wait for a few more seconds prior to establishing a connection with your Roku device, after which the pairing dialog will appear on your TV screen.

If none of these guidelines help you get rid of your issue, it’s time to either buy a new remote or install the Roku controller app. If the Roku remote is not working you can download the Roku controller app on your mobile and manage your channels directly from your mobile app. It will guide you through your Roku settings menu. This mobile app can be downloaded on both android/iOS devices.

If the Roku is responding to the app and no help can be gained from the solutions stated above, we are sure it is time you buy a new Roku remote.

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