How to Fix Your Roku Voice or Simple Remote that is not Working?

please let me know that how to fix your roku voice or simple remote that is not working. i am facing some issue in this. help me.

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Fix Your Roku Voice or Simple Remote That is Not Working

Here are some standard troubleshooting tips, like pairing and restarting your voice remote if your Roku voice or simple remote malfunctions.

What Kind of Remote do I Own?

Depending on the type of Roku remote, different issues can arise. Choose which kind of handheld remote control you use with your Roku streaming device before starting any troubleshooting steps:

A Roku voice remote or a simple remote. A Roku voice remote is a device that has a microphone or magnifying glass icon on the voice button. A Roku simple remote is a remote control without a voice button.

How Does the Basic Remote on my Roku Work?

Your Roku basic remote transmit button presses over a short distance using invisible infrared (IR) light. Your basic remote must be aimed directly at your Roku streaming device for it to function correctly. Additionally, nothing should obstruct the signal's path to the front of the device, where the IR receiver is situated.

Place fresh, compatible batteries into the remote control and aim it straight at the front of your streaming device to get it set up.

How Does my Voice Remote For Roku Operate?

Your Roku voice remote and Roku streaming device exchange information via a separate wireless connection. Unlike a regular remote, you can press buttons on your voice remote without having to aim it directly at your streaming device. This enables you to mount your streaming device behind a TV mounted on the wall or in another close-by, out-of-sight spot.

To establish a direct wireless connection and identify a new remote, your streaming device pairs with other devices through a process known as pairing. You likely finished pairing your voice remote when you first set up and activated your Roku device if it was included in the box. After setting up your Roku device, you most likely finished pairing from the Settings menu if you upgraded to a voice remote.

How to Fix Your Roku Basic Remote

Look for apparent obstructions when fixing problems with your Roku basic remote. The most common issue for a simple remote is missed button presses, which happen when your Roku streaming device is in a location where the remote signal is partially or fully blocked. A clear path from your remote to your streaming device can be ensured by following these few pointers:

  • Ensure you can always see the front of your Roku device. 
  • The status light on the front of the device should be visible when powered on.
  • In different positions, test your remote. 

To try your remote at the front of your Roku streaming device:

  • Try holding it higher, like above your head, and pointing downward.
  • Make sure the remote is constantly aimed squarely at the front of your streaming device by moving it to the left and right.
  • Check to see if anything obstructs the front of your device or the signal from your remote if your streaming device becomes more responsive when tested from different angles.
  • Move your streaming device to a more dependable response location.
  • Don't conceal your streaming device.

Move your streaming player to a spot where the signal is less likely to be blocked if it is mounted to your TV using the adhesive strip that comes with it. It should not be mounted behind your TV or inside a closed cabinet.

Additional Troubleshooting Instructions for all Roku remotes

Attempt the following troubleshooting steps if your Roku remote is not controlling your Roku streaming device and you are experiencing lag or unresponsiveness:

Put in Place an HDMI® Extension Cable

Wireless interference from the HDMI connector may affect the functionality of your remote control when using a Roku® Streaming Stick® that is directly connected to an HDMI port on your TV. When troubleshooting a Roku streaming stick, install a free extension cable to move the device away from the HDMI port on your TV.

Check the Batteries in Your Remote

Should your remote operate on standard batteries, open the battery compartment, take them out briefly, and then put them back in. You can operate your streaming device right away with a Roku basic remote.

When using a voice remote control for Roku, give it at least 30 seconds to connect to your streaming device. Press the voice button and check for a status indicator on your TV screen to see if the connection is successful. Replace the batteries with a fresh pair that match and try again if the problem persists.

Hold the pairing button on your remote for 20 seconds if it is rechargeable. The green status light should flash gradually at first, then quickly. Your remote has restarted when you let go of the pairing button.

To check if your remote connects to your streaming device, give it a minimum of thirty seconds. Press the voice button and check for a status indicator on your TV screen to see if the connection is successful.

Change the Roku Remote

You should get a new remote if none of the earlier solutions worked to resolve the problem. The Roku accessories store sells new Roku remotes. Before making a purchase, confirm that your streaming device is included in the list of compatible devices.

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