How to Get Google Play Music on Roku?

Please let me know how to get Google Play music on Roku. I am not able to play it on my Roku tv. If you know then give me any suggestion.

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Roku is that the streaming device that's constitutional with the Roku Channel Store. It contains all the Roku supported services. The Google play music app is not provided on Roku Channel Store, so you can’t install and get google play music on Roku.

There is no way to get google play music on Roku. There's only one way to enjoy music is to cast it from your phone or laptop to the Roku device. Roku supports Miracast technology, though, which suggests iPhones don't seem to be compatible.

With android devices, begin the music or list, swipe down on the notification receptacle, and choose the solid possibility. once bestowed with a listing of compatible devices, choose your Roku. each your phone and Roku should be connected to a constant local area network to examine one another.

Get the Google Play Music on Roku

You can get Google Play Music on Roku by following 2 methods:

Google Play on Roku Mobile App

First, you transfer the Roku app on your mobile as a result of there's no direct app within the Roku platform to activate Google Play Music on Roku. Also, you would like to own the Google Play Music app on your mobile device. One factor is very important between this check that you have got a lively Roku com link account.

You can opt for the music menu by the Roku app beneath the Play on Roku and simply share music on your phone on your TV.

By Screen Mirroring Feature

There is no direct app on Roku, therefore you have got to put in the Google Play Music app on your golem device and use the casting or screen mirroring choice to hear your audio tracks on your Roku-connected TV.

Follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Plugin the Roku device to the TV with the HDMI port.

Step 2: Connect your golem and Roku device to a constant local area network network.

Step 3: Attend Roku Device settings

Step 4: Alter Screen mirroring possibility.

Step 5: Install the Google Play Music app on your golem device.

Step 6: Open the Settings app on your golem smartphone.

Step 7: Choose the affiliation and sharing possibility.

Step 8: Click on the solid possibility.

Step 9: Click on the solid choice to alter it. currently your smartphone hunt for the near device to solid.

Step 10: Now choose your Roku device from the search result.

Step 11: Once your smartphone is connected with Roku, the TV screen shows constant as on your mobile screen.

Step 12: currently open the Google Play Music app and choose your music file, constant is going to be taking part in on your Roku connected TV screen.

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