How to Move and Delete Channels on the Roku Home Screen?

Please let me know how to move and delete channels on the Roku home screen. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Move and Delete Channels on the Roku Home Screen:

As a new Roku user, one of the initial things I did was to begin adding channels to the Home screen, including HBO Max and Apple TV+, as well as Netflix and Disney. But after installing all of my channels, I had a problem.

How precisely are those channel tiles rearranged? I prefer that Netflix be at the top, along with frequently used services, including Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, but it dispersed all of them around the channel grid.

How to Change the Roku Home Screen's Channel Order and Remove Channels

Choose the Roku Channel to Move.

Step 1: Press the ">" button on the remote to navigate to the channel tile you want to relocate; next, select the Home tab on the main Roku screen.

Step 2: You can choose to move the channel from the Options menu.

Step 3: Next, utilise the remote's "*" button. If you do, a menu with several options will appear, letting you rate the channel, check for updates, provide comments, and other things.

Move Channel is the Choice You're after, So Click It Now.

Step 1: To navigate the channel, press the arrow buttons.

Step 2: The channel tiles would appear again, but arrows encircle your chosen one.

Step 3: Move the channel tile using the arrow keys on the remote control until it is in the appropriate location, then press the OK button. all set

Before Deleting a Roku Channel, Make Sure.

Do you wish to remove a channel tile? Check to verify if you are registered to it before proceeding and, if so, whether you did so using your Roku account.

Step 1: To adjust your subscriptions, select. Be sure to unsubscribe if the channel you wish to delete is on the list.

Step 2: Remove the channel by choosing it from the options menu.

Step 3: On Roku, canceling a channel is comparable to relocating a channel when you've completed checking your subscription (if you ever had one).

Step 4: To disable a channel, navigate to it, click the "*" (Options) button, and then choose the Remove channel.

Now you've all the necessary information regarding how to move and delete channels on the Roku home screen. For detailed information, you must read the information mentioned earlier thoroughly.

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