How to Quickly Email a File to Yourself from File Explorer?

Please let me know how to quickly email a file to yourself from file explorer. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.


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Quickly Email a File to Yourself From File Explorer:

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds 22621.1972 and 22631.1972 that Microsoft released to the Beta Channel include numerous updates and enhancements.

The release of Build 23493—Windows 11's initial taste of Copilot—has made for a fantastic week for Windows users. Additionally, a brand-new Settings site with interactive cards is available to set up your device quickly.

However, one of the more helpful features has taken the form of sharing. With Windows 11, you may now rapidly email a file to yourself via File Explorer.

Here's how to use File Explorer to quickly email a file to yourself from File Explorer. 

  • In File Explorer, right-click any file you want to email to yourself, then choose the Share option.
  • When you choose it, a window introducing your email opens instantly. You can send it quickly from there.

Changes and Improvements in Build 22631.1972 

File Explorer

Windows Insiders are currently previewing the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer on Build 22631 within the Beta Channel. File Explorer's function is unaffected; it simply transitions from WinUI 2 to WinUI 3.

Fixes for BOTH Build 22621.1972 & Build 22631.1972 

The Microsoft Pinyin Input Method Editor (IME) and some simplified Chinese typefaces are enhanced as part of this upgrade to enable GB18030-2022. Utilizing the improvements to Microsoft Yahei, Simsun, and Dengxian, characters under conformance level 1 or 2 can be entered and shown. The Simsun Ext-B font now supports Unicode Extensions E and F as a result of this upgrade. This satisfies the standards for level 3. 

You may now authenticate across Microsoft Clouds, thanks to this update. If necessary, this functionality also meets Conditional Access tests. 

This update enhances sharing of a local file with Microsoft Outlook contacts in File Explorer. Now you can send the file to yourself fast via email. Additionally, it is advisable to import your contacts from Outlook. The files kept in Microsoft OneDrive folders cannot use this capability. OneDrive offers its sharing features. 

With this update, the Start menu's notification badging for Microsoft accounts is being rolled out more widely. Windows and your Microsoft apps are linked through a Microsoft account. The account allows you to maintain your subscriptions and back up all your data. You can also include additional security measures to prevent account lockouts. You may easily access critical account-related notifications with the help of this functionality. 

New! Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now has many new capabilities and enhancements thanks to this upgrade. Visit Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for additional details. 

This patch fixes a problem with TextInputHost.exe. It quits functioning. 

This update fixes a problem that affects the user shell folders in HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer. The appropriate default permissions for this directory path can now be specified and maintained. 

Start menu, search, and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication all fail whenever the permissions are incorrect.

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