How to Repair and Maintain your magicJack System?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to repair and maintain your magicJack system? I tried many times but unable to repair it. Help me.

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Repair and Maintain your magicJack System

magicJack is a highly advanced communication gadget that helps to a large extent to make human life more convenient as well as easier on various terms. To enjoy unlimited communication with distant dears, magicJack is the perfect device.

Although it is extremely easy to install magicJack as well as simple to use still there are chances that problems can arise with the technical device at any time.

Perform this Routine Maintenance Tasks –

To confirm that your telephone system is working properly or not, you need to conduct some routine maintenance tasks and you should perform these tasks on a monthly basis. Although the process is not so difficult, simply turn off your system and then restart it after some time.

It does not matter you are using magicJack Go or magicJack Plus, you need to check that magicJack is properly connected to the computer’s USB port. If you encounter any kind of connectivity problems then test your ability to reach the internet by using other equipment that can utilize your internet connection.

Just Check Out These Steps –

Step 1: If your telephonic system needs power then unplug it for some time and proceed further.

Step 2: After that, disconnect magicJack and put it aside.

Step 3: If you have connected magicJack through a powered hub then you need to unplug the hub from the power source.

Step 4: Next, shut down your operating system.

Step 5: If you are using a router then also disconnect it from the power source. If you are using a modem then also disconnect it as well.

Step 6: Now, wait for 20 seconds and reconnect the modem to the power source. Also, wait for some time until so that your router can stabilize.

Step 7: Then plug in your computer, turn it on and log in. At this moment, wait for some time so that your computer can fully load.

Step 8: If you are using the powered hub with magicJack then you need to reconnect the hub to the power source.

On the other hand, if you are using a telephone then you have to reconnect it to the power source. Also, make sure that the phone set is properly connected to magicJack via phone cord.

Step 9: Now, you have to reinsert magicJack into the system and wait for some time so that the software can load. After that, check the handset and confirm that you have the dial tone.

By following the above set of procedures, you can easily escape from major technical problems.

Fault Finding –

Is your magicJack phone system is not working properly? Then, you need to check out this stuff at first –

  1. Make sure you have turned on all devices.
  2. Is blue light is blinking inside your magicJack dongle?
  3. If you are installing magicJack for the first time then confirm that your computer and internet service provider is capable of handling the magicJack device’s requirements.
  4. Verify that all connecting cables are firmly attached.

After checking the above steps, you need to perform the power shut down that we have described in the Routine Maintenance. If still, you are facing any kind of problem-related to magicJack then instead of wasting your precious time, just get in touch with experts by calling on the magicJack customer phone number.

To escape from all kinds of technical nuisances of magicJack, you need to repair and maintain your magicJack system so that you can enjoy unlimited calls with distant people without compromising on monetary terms.

If you have any kind of doubt or query related to magicJack then it is advisable to contact magicJack Support Phone Number so that you can receive professional assistance and protect against all kinds of threats and risks.

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