How to Set Up AT&T Mail on MS Outlook?

Is there anyone who knows about how to set up AT&T mail on MS Outlook. I am facing some issues while setup att mail on outlook. Help me.

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Set Up AT&T Mail on MS Outlook:

Emails are the main source fo communication in the professional world. The two main email clients that the companies use are MS Outloo and AT&T. This process is quite easy and has various benefits.

You can easily access data from AT&T and enjoy many useful features of Outlook such as contacts, accounts, and calendars simultaneously. Below, we have mentioned the step-by-step configuration method that you need to perform. 

How to Configure and Setup ATT Emails on MS Outlook?

Below mentioned are the steps that you need to perform in order to configure ATT email on MS Outlook. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to open Microsoft Outlook on your device. If you are using Outlook 2010 or a better version, then select file by going to the top menu. After that, select Account or Info Settings for the ATT mail. 

Step 2: If you are using MS Outlook 2007, then select Tools by going to the top menu. Then, you must select Account Settings from the menu. 

Step 3: After that, you need to open the Email option. Then, select the New button. Moreover, click on "Microsoft Exchange or HTTP" and then select Next. 

Step 4: Moreover, select the option of "Manually configure server setting or Additional Server Types". After that, click on Next. Now, choose internet email and then select Next. 

Step 5: Then, you are required to configure your email address for ATT by going to the "User Information" menu. There, you need to type POP and enter "" from the list of options appearing in the "Incoming server option". 

Step 6: After that, you need to enter "" in the "Outgoing Mail Server". Then, you are required to enter your username and password in the login information section. This information requires you to enter the details that you must use to sign-in to your AT&T webmail account. Then, you must verify your password and then select "More Settings". If you need any help, then get in touch with the customer service team. 

Step 7: Then, you must go to the outgoing server tab and the n choose the option of "My Outgoing Server" that needs authentication. After that, click on Advanced from there. This section includes an SSL link called the "This server requires an encrypted connection link" option. 

Step 8: Now, the field number will automatically change to "955". In case that doesn't happen, then you just need to add "995" there.  In case you are coming across problems with the field number, then you must get in touch with the customer care experts. 

ATT Settings For Microsoft Outlook 

For MS Outlook 2016

Server Information

  • Select POP3 or IMAP account type. 
  • Enter or in the incoming mail server.
  • Enter or in the outgoing mail server.

Login Information 

  • Enter your complete email address in the username section. 
  • Enter the security mail key in the password section. 

Advanced Information 

  • Enter 995 (POP3)
  • Choose SSL as the type of encrypted connection. 
  • Enter 465 in the outgoing server box.
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