How to Set up magicJack go with Computer?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to set up magicJack to go with the computer? I am facing this issue last 1 week I don't know how to set it. Help me.

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Set up magicJack go with Computer

If you are in search of steps in how to set up MagicJack Go with Computer, then I am going to help you with the steps that are required for the completion of this process. MagicJack is the latest and the most advanced device from the company VocalTec. LTD. This magicJack has been designed again to give it a modern look and this time the looks of this device are good. With a new design, this device has come up with a new processor that is much faster than the old device.

MagicJack Installation Preview

When VocalTec launched the new magicJack application that can make this system much simpler and easier and the registration process has become much simpler. Either you can use the MagicJack website or just plug in the MagicJack into the  USB port of the computer and start using it using a software application that is developed by VocalTec.

You can use the MagicJack website and use the functionality. In that case, you don’t need to use the software and install that software on the computer. But if you install the software you can the service much more easily and simply.

Installation – The installation of the software is a simple process and it can be easily done by the user by following some basic steps. Simply, anyone who has basic computer knowledge and a high-speed internet connection can complete the installation.

The activation of Go devices is simple this time and the older activation techniques are gone. Before the arrival of this process, customers have to face many problems and they were not able to install the Go devices, but the new installation is much simple and fast.

Firstly, Activation of Go Preferred Devices Using a Computer

  • The initial step is to search for the ethernet cable and connect that cable to MagicJack “Internet” port. Please hear “click” when the cable gets locked into place.
  • After you have connected that cable to the ethernet jack in MagicJack Go, now you have to connect this cable to your router.
  • Now the third stage is the connection of your phone to your MagicJack and for that, you need the RJ phone jack and connect to the “Phone”. Now connect the other end of the cable to the phone that you want to use.
  • Now you have to connect the MagicJack to the electrical power supply using the given adapter or use the extension cable that is provided.
  • Now go to the website of MagicJack and complete the registration.

Installing MagicJack Go Using the Computer

  • For installation of MagicJack with the help of a computer, connect the Go device using the USB port.
  • Now, you will see a dialogue box that will see let you install the software.
  • Now you will see the autoplay option under which you can see the option of “Start MagicJack”. Now press that button for initiation of installation.
  • You will see the MagicJack logo that will appear in front of you on your screen. The installation procedure will surely take some time to load from there.
  • After the installation is complete, the application will launch automatically.
  • Now complete the full registration procedure.  You need to register your account. For that, you need to create your account with magicJack services and for that, you need an email ID. Use a properly working email id for registration. Now you have to give a name to your device.
  • After you name your device, they will send an activation code to the email you have provided for the registration.

Now check your Email and Put the Code that you Got from the Email and Enter that Code in the Box and Press Activate My Device

  • Now agree to the terms and conditions and then set up your number. After the selection of the number, you have to select the emergency number.
  • Now choose the plans that you want to take for future calling.
  • Now you can use the MagicJack Go easily on your computer.
  • This is How to set up magicJack go with the computer.

The quality of calls has been increased. With these features, the new device comes up with a price of $60. If that is not enough you get special deals where you get unlimited distance and local calling for the whole year. You can pay $99.75 for 5 years’ service.

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