How to Set up Voicemail on magicJack?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to set up voicemail on magicJack? I tried many times but unable to set it. Help me.


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Setup Voicemail On MagicJack

Magic Jack is a great device that provides internet connectivity and telephone service through the same device.  One of the features of the magic device is to set up voicemail.  If you want to activate the voicemail feature on your magic jack, then here is a full procedure.  

First, launch the MagicJack software on your computer, press the Vmail Button, press O to get into personalizing settings, enter the password, press O again to go to the mailbox option, press 1 to record the message when you are not available, and press to record while attending another call, click # to finish the recording, click * to go back to the menu. This is how you can set up a voicemail on the magic jack.   

Voicemail on magicJack

The service of magicJack is Voice over Internet Protocol, the magicJack service uses your internet connection for making calls to long distance in Canada and The United States of America and the calls are free.

The MagicJack has a feature where it can record Voice Mail and send these recordings in MP3 format to your preferred email address.

If you want to activate it here is the full procedure to activate Voicemail on magicJack:

You need a computer to complete this process. Once you have the computer, you need the MagicJack software installed on that computer.

Step 1: Now, launch the software of MagicJack on a computer.

Step 2: Now go into the Vmail button.

Step 3: To go into personalizing settings press 0.

Step 4: You have to enter your password for the further initiation of that process. It is important to enter the password for the security and safety of the user on magicJack services.

Step 5: If you don’t know the password, then don’t worry as the default password for MagicJack should be 1234. As it is your first time processing the voice mail enter this password and go ahead.

Step 6: Press 0 again for going into Mailbox options.

Step 7: This is the important step as here you have to record your voice mail when you are not available or not near your phone. Now press 1 for recording the message when you are not available and press 2  to record voice mail when you are attending another call.

Step 8: Press the # key to end the recording.

Step 9: Press the * to return to the main menu.

Step 10: Changing email for Voice Mail messages.

Step 11: To change the email for the voicemail messages that you will receive on.

Step 12: For that, log in to the MagicJack account through the website of magicJack.

Step 13: Click on Call Features and go into Voicemail.

Now, click manage Email and enter the new email address that you want to receive a voicemail on.

VocalTec LTD

Today the company behind MagicJack is VocalTec LTD. With the new version of magicJack, the performance of the device has been increased and it functions much better than the old version. If you look at the new magicJack, the newer version has a better processor to handle tasks, and call quality has also been improved.

magicJack was invented on March 8 in the year 2007. The company today deals with VoIP in The United States of America and Canada.

This is How to set up voicemail on MagicJack.

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