How to Setup Magicjack GO Initial Connection and Unboxing?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to setup Magicjack go initial connection and unboxing? I tried many times but unable to set it. Help me.


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Setup Magicjack GO Initial Connection and Unboxing

magicJack is the device that provides unlimited calling for local and long-distance. magicJack mainly working in the United States and Canada. You can get unlimited calls from all around the world. There is no limitation in getting receiving calls.

Let us Discuss in Detail MagicJack GO Unboxing and Initial Connection magicJack:

On unboxing your magic jack go box you will get some information like:

  • It is clearly mentioned that magic jack goes provides a free voice calling feature.
  • It also provides a free voice conferencing feature.
  • Freephone number
  • Free call forwarding
  • It also provides a free call waiting option
  • Magic jack provides free caller ID feature means who are calling to you. Caller ID feature enables you to identify the caller identity
  • It also provides a free voice mail feature
  • It also provides easy setup and makes a local and long-distance call
  • It provides directory feature also
  • You can use this MagicJack go device with a computer and without a computer. The best thing about magic jack go is, it provides an Ethernet port and a phone jack.
  • It also provides an old-style USB feature, so that you can connect this device with your computer and make long-distance calls.
  • If your home wifi router has only one outgoing Ethernet port, so in this case you are not able to connect it with your wifi router. So you need to use this device, first, you need to replace your home router with a travel router.
  • You need to plug this device into your computer for account setup purposes.

Accessories Included in the Box:

  • You will get a magic jack sticker that you can put on the backside of your device.
  • Box contains an instruction manual.
  • Magic jack device with lightweight. It has an Ethernet cable port, so you can directly connect Ethernet cable with this port and you can connect it with USP port directly or with power cube.
  • Magic jack devices also contain RJ 11 port to connect with your telephone.
  • The magic jack device comes with two types of light. One is green, which specifies that you are connected successfully, and the yellow light indicates that a lot of data traffic is there and it is fluctuating. 
  • It comes with an Ethernet cord of good quality.
  • There is a USP extension.
  • It also contains a power cube with a USB jack which you can connect with your computer, so that you can charge your android phone or iPhone, it works on 5 volts and one amp.

Warning Before Using a magic jack:

  • Phone jack RJ11 must only connect with the phone only.
  • The phone jack on the magic jack should not be connected with a public phone/ Outlet.
  • One thing you need to make sure of before using magic jack, that your old phone/Home phone should be disconnected from any kind of telecom operation.

Use of MagicJack:

  • You can directly connect the magic jack go with your computer but it is advised not to connect your magic jack go device with the hub directly because the hub does not have power directly.
  • Either you can install the magic jack app on your phone or tablet to make a long-distance call or you can directly connect your phone with the magic jack go device to dial a number.

Step by Step Procedure to Use MagicJack Device:

  • Plugged in magic jack device with your computer.
  • Then you will need to click on install application and follow the screen instruction.
  • Now it will start the uploading process.
  • After successful installation, you will get your magic jack icon on the computer.
  • Press double click on the magic jack go icon and you will get a dial pad to dial the number on the screen.
  • You can dial local and long-distance phone number.

These are the complete process to connect your magicJack with your computer and what necessary things are contained in the box.

magicJack is a portable device, you can travel anywhere along with the magicJack device. To use a magicJack device, a reliable internet connection is required and you have not required any kind of phone or cordless phone.

iPhone is very supportive of magicJack Go. For voice support first, you are required a number to use magicJack go. But if you have your phone number, you can replace the personal number with a magicJack number.

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