How to Solve magicJack Issues Faced with Mobile Phones?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to solve magicJack issues faced with mobile phones? I tried many times but unable to solve it. Help me.

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Solve magicJack Issues Faced with Mobile Phones

Generally, users often face issues while using magicJack with mobile phones. But you need not take stress for anything as here we are discussing how to solve magicJack issues with cell phones in an easy way so that you can enjoy unlimited talks with distant dears.

In this blog, we are discussing some easy procedures through which you can easily deal with those problems that occur while using magicJack with cell phones.

Case 1 – If you are unable to make calls from landline to cell phones while using magicJack with cell phones.

Solution – In these situations, you need to turn off the volume of your landline phone and then turn on the volume after some time. By doing so, you will be able to make and receive phone calls without hearing any static sounds.

Case 2 – If you are unable to make phone calls from cell phones to landlines home phones. Also, while making calls, you are hearing a cracked voice or the voice is not clear.

Solution – In these situations, you need to slow down the volume on the receiver’s end. By doing this, voice signals will be transferred in a sequence and thus you hear the clear voice without any breakage. If you find it difficult to resolve this issue then ask for professional assistance by approaching magicJack Support Phone Number.

Case 3 – Sometimes users face call dropping issues while making calls through magicJack. Many of the times, calls get dropped.

Solution – Generally this problem arises due to the intermittent internet connection. So make sure you are receiving good internet speed as well as your connection is stable. To check the speed of your internet connection, run a speed test from www. speed test. n. If you find out that your internet speed is slow then reset your modem, router as well as contact your internet service provider.

To reset the modem/router, plug out the main power wire and after that put it back after 20 seconds. By doing so, your internet speed will get fine. If still, you are unable to make phone calls through magicJack then troubleshoot the issue by getting in touch with experts at magicJack customer phone number.

First of all, we have to plug in magicJack with the USB port of the device that is connected to the internet. After that, you have to download the particular set of software that is needed for making free calls through magicJack. magicJack smoothly works with mobile phones that have free smartphone applications installed with them.

magicJack is a small communication device that is used for making free calls with the help of voice over internet protocols. Although it looks similar to a USB dongle and smoothly works with the internet connection.

So, these were few problems that users often face while using magicJack with cell phones for making free calls. If still, any problem related to magicJack is troubling you then without using your mind, ask for professional guidance, and resolve all technical hitches from the root.

In this way, the user can receive and make free calls using magicJack but also experience technical problems at any time

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