How to Troubleshoot magicJack Issues Faced with the Mobile Phone?

Hi Guys, Please let me know how to troubleshoot magicJack issues faced with the mobile phone? I am facing this issue last 1 week I don't know how to fix it. Help me.


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Troubleshoot magicJack Issues Faced with the Mobile Phone

magicJack is a small device that basically re-routes all landline calls via the internet through Voice over IP (VoIP) network. One of the benefits of magicJack is that it is a small portable device that you can carry anywhere.

However, you will need a laptop/PC with a broadband internet connection. You need to plug magicJack into your computer’s USB port and put another end into your telephone.

Basic Things That You Should Try to Troubleshoot magicJack Issue –

Step 1: When you experience any kind of problem with magicJack, unplug the device, wait for some time and then plug it again into the port. Now, wait for some time until it reloads.

Step 2: If the voice quality is poor then go to “Menu” and then tap on Volume Control to control the volume of speakers and microphone.

Step 3: If you live in such a place where there are frequent power cuts then plug the cable modem and router into UPS.

Step 4: If you are using a slow internet connection then you will definitely face magicJack issues so it is recommended for you to opt for a faster broadband internet connection.

Here We have Discussed Some magicJack Issues Along With Their Solution –

1. If you are unable to make calls from landline to cell phones – While using the magicJack device with a cellphone, sometimes the user is unable to receive landline calls. Sometimes, when the calls get connected between landlines and mobile phones, a static sound is heard between the conversation.

Solution – In such cases, you need to turn off the volume of your landline phone and then turn it on after some time. By doing this, you can easily make and receive calls without hearing any static sound during the conversation.

2. If you face problems while making calls from cell phones to landline home phones – While making calls through magicJack, sometimes users hear a cracked voice and the voice is not clear. This problem arises while making calls from cell phone to landline using magicJack.

Solution – In these circumstances, you need to slow down the volume on the receivers' end. By doing this, voice signals get enabled, and thus you can hear the voice without any breakage.

3. Sometimes, call dropping issues to arise while making calls between mobile phones using magicJack. Well, this problem mainly arises due to the slow and intermittent internet connection.

Solution – Confirm that you are receiving good internet speed and the connection is also stable. To check the speed of connection, you should run a speed test from www. speed test. in. If you find out that internet speed is slow then reset your modem and router, otherwise, you may contact your ISP.

To reset your router, plug out the main power wire and then put it back after some moments. Now, check your internet connection. I Hope, your internet connection will work fine and you can easily make calls through magicJack. Once the software is installed properly, a softphone screen will display on the desktop. Well, this softphone screen also displays advertisements, messages, and alerts about updates.

One of the major problem faced by the user is that softphone screen disappear and then reappear on the screen and this irritates a user. Besides this, magicJack users also complained about the poor sound quality and clarity of voice in the telephonic conversation. Many users also complain that it works properly to begin but after some time technical problems arise. In fact, some users also complain that the computer started to freeze after using magicJack.

So, these were some common problems that a user often face while using magicJack with phone calls. If your magicJack is working properly with the cell phone then nothing to worry about, but if you are encountering any problems then please get in touch with experts at the magicJack support number and troubleshoot magicJack issues from the roots. magicJack basically uses VoIP technology so that you can have a nominal voice telephonic conversation.

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