How to Unsend Emails with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc?

Please let me know how to unsend emails with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. I am facing some issues while using these email. Help me in fixing it.


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Unsend Emails with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo:

Based on the email service as well as the email client you use, there are a few methods to "unsend" emails if you have a habit of sending them before you're ready to.

Sending emails mistakenly may include confidential information or just be sent to the wrong person, depending on many factors. So let's get started with how to stop an email from being sent mistakenly.

How to Reverse a Gmail in Email

There are some useful unsending email settings in Gmail. You have a little window of time after sending an email to cancel it if you change your mind. the following steps:

  • You can cancel a message right away after you send it. The words "Message sent" and also the choices to "Undo" and "View message" are located in the bottom left corner.
  • Tap Undo.

How Long You have to Wait Before Sending an Email Again can be Set in Gmail

  • On a laptop or desktop, select Settings then see all settings in the upper right corner of the Gmail interface.
  • Choose a Send cancellation period of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds just beside "Undo Send."

Yahoo Email Unsend Method

Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn't offer a way to stop sending emails. If you use Yahoo, it's recommended to utilise an email client such as Spike to cancel a sent email.

Outlook Unsend Email Instructions

Outlook has the ability to resend emails, but you should be aware that once they have been read, you won't be able to remember them completely.

  • To view an email you accidentally sent and want to unsend, double-tap the Sent Items folder within Outlook's Navigation Pane.
  • Click Message > Actions > Recall This Message within Outlook to stop sending the message.

Outlook lacks the full functionality of a programme like Spike for really resending an email message. Unsending messages sent to Google Workspace or even other non-Microsoft alternatives is difficult using Outlook the app.

Using the Spike Email Client, Easily Resend Emails

Using an email software made expressly for unsending emails is the best alternative if you don't want the recipient to have the option of keeping them. iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more services are compatible with Spike's unsend email capability.

Spike is made to prevent you from sending an email by accident, unlike the other email clients and web-based alternatives. To give oneself a "gotcha moment," there's also a wait after sending before it is actually transmitted. It functions on both mobile and desktop devices, and in some cases, it could even save your career.


  • Tap the message bubble repeatedly.
  • Press the button for Unsend Message.
  • The "Unsend Message" button will turn grey or disappear within 10 seconds.


  • Select "Unsend Message" by performing a right-click on the message or by clicking the three dots adjacent to it.
  • The "Unsend Message" button will turn grey or vanish after 10 seconds.
  • Save yourself the trouble and also don't send emails accidentally

Spike offers the easiest approach to recovering unintentionally sent emails, but it's preferable to avoid sending them in the first place. Be sure to cross all your Ts as well as dot all your Is before sending an email by pausing and reading it again. Make absolutely sure you are sending it to the correct person by checking (and not the wrong person).

Have you Added the Attachments? 

If you plan to attach files, double-check to make sure you have the correct types and attachments. It's best to confirm that you have the correct version of the file if you have dealt with numerous versions of it.

Did you Respond to Every Email Question?

Verify that you've addressed all of the email's questions to avoid wasting time going back and forth in conversation. To make the discussion easier to follow, it can be as simple as pasting the original question into your email and then responding to the next question.


If you take precautions to avoid emailing the wrong person or sending the wrong message, having the option to unsend a message might possibly change your life. However, not all email service providers' native features are included by the majority of email clients.

The ideal email client is Spike, which supports Unsend Emails with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. It is supported by Spike as an account, ensuring that unsend email feature is flawless.

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