How to Use AOL Mail Through an Email Client?

Please let me know that how to use AOL mail through an email client. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

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Use AOL Mail Through an Email Client:

It is possible to use AOL Mail through an Email client for sending emails through other mailing apps which entails mapping correct SMTP settings in the other client applications. In this regard it is worth saying that this quick guide tends to prescribe a complete mapping process along with some troubleshooting tips to help you to use AOL Mail through an Email client. 

Inherent Process of Entering the SMTP Settings in Other Client's Mailing Applications

When you are trying to use AOL Mail through an Email client, you just have to give instructions to the mailing client for accessing the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. 

The Various Parameters of AOL Mail Pertaining to the SMTP Settings 

1 - The SMTP server address will be: “”

2 - As regards the SMTP username: You will have to enter “your AOL Mail screen name”, that comes before "" in the email address. For example, if your address is, xyz is the relevant screen name.

3 - Here is the password: “Your AOL Mail password created by you”

4 - The Port using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security Code: 587

5 - Whether TLS/SSL mechanism is required: yes (You will have to enable SSL encryption for emails that are expected to be received and sent).

Troubleshooting the Settings is also Warranted on Some Occasions

1 - Punching in the correct password is the preferred solution

If you are willing to use AOL Mail through an Email client then you must make sure that password is entered correctly.    

2 - Deleting the existing account is another way out

If issues surface while venturing out to use AOL Mail through an Email client then you can also resort to deleting the existing account after exiting the email client and must try to login to the same account as long as you know the password.  

Here are Some Drawbacks of Using other Mail Applications for Your AOL Mail

Well, it’s quite natural that when you are using other mailing apps to access your AOL Mail account for sending and receiving e-mails you might not be able to access and use some very key features of AOL Mail which are otherwise available while using the specific AOL Mail application.

1 - POP/IMAP settings mismatch

Please note that when the client prefers POP settings and is trying to delete emails from the AOL Mail server after the emails are downloaded, the same email communication messages will probably not be available to the client using the IMAP settings.

2 - No Spam Reporting button available

If you really wish to report an email message as Spam then you should move the same to the Spam or Junk folder.

3 - Deleted messages might be unavailable

Depending on the server either deleted messages will appear in the genuine folder with a sign of deletion or you might not be able to see the deleted messages.

4 - There will be shown a different read/unread status 

Emails shown as read on one device may be displayed as read on the other device on which you have read the email communication. Along the same lines emails that are marked important on one particular app might not be shown with an “important tag” on the other client.

5 - Sent mail status cannot be checked on POP-configured client 

As we all understand that mails sent using the POP settings are never stored on the mailing server, emails that are sent using other client applications will not be shown as “sent” on the main or primary client that sends messages using POP-based configuration.

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