How to Use Outlook to Send Email to a Cell Phone?

Is there anyone who knows about how to Use Outlook to send email to a cell phone. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Use Outlook to Send E-mail to a Cell Phone:

Outlook is capable of sending an e-mail to mobile devices. You'll only need the mobile phone's 10-digit number, the carrier's domain, and an SMS-capable phone.

Outlook can dial your phone number! You might be wondering why you'd bother, but it's a simple method to send phone numbers, brief messages, reminders, and other vital information to your phone, which you can then save or share. You may, for example, text a new client's phone number and address to your cellphone in case you get lost or caught in traffic.

You don't have to Use Outlook to send e-mail to a cell phone, of course. You may send an e-mail to anyone who has a cell phone that supports Short Message Service (SMS) (SMS). Fortunately, it's a straightforward procedure:

  • Make a brand-new e-mail message.
  • Enter the mobile phone number in the To text field using the following syntax:
  • Make a message of no more than 160 characters.
  • If the mobile phone is also a camera phone, you may also attach a.jpg file.
  • Send the message by e-mail.

Steps to Setup Outlook in Your Mobile for Sending Mails

Step 1: Find out who owns the mobile service provider for the phone you wish to email.

Step 2: Go to the Outlook Express Versions and Updates website and seek for the mobile service provider's extension ( The extension is the element of the mobile customer's email address that comes after the @. It's comparable to the domain name of an email account. A Sprint customer's extension, for example, would be

Step 3: Go to your email account and log in. If your email is web-based, go to the website associated with it. If you're using an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, start it by clicking on the icon on the desktop.

Step 4: Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields to log in to your email account. "Sign In" or "Log In" are the options.

Step 5: To create a new email message, click "Compose" or "New."

Step 6: Type the mobile phone email address of the email recipient. The recipient's cell phone number plus the mobile service provider's extension will be used as the email address. Sprint's customer email address, for example, is

Although most current mobile phones include a Gmail program that allows them to send and receive an email, it is also possible to send email to a cell phone from your computer. The email is delivered to the recipient's mobile phone number, where he may view it as a text message.

Even if they don't have a Gmail account, this is a wonderful method to reach clients or friends through email. The recipient's phone must be able to receive text messages for this to operate. You'll also need to know which cell phone provider he uses.

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