How to Watch Youtube Videos on Roku tv?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how to watch youtube videos on Roku tv? I tried many times but failed So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.


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Watch Youtube Videos on Roku tv

The YouTube channel is one of the most-watched channels available at the Roku Channel Store. You can easily watch as many Youtube videos through Roku's streaming service. You just need to ensure that you have a high speed working WiFi connection to watch youtube videos on Roku TV.

Choose your playlist of music videos to favorite comedy channels on the biggest screen, Youtube. Moreover, you can easily send videos from your phone to your TV with a shared Wi-Fi connection. For this, you have to browse your desired video on the YouTube app and then click on the TV icon that appears in the side panel which instantly starts playing videos on your TV.

YouTube TV offers a perfect entertainment option which lets you watch your YouTube videos on the big screen hassle-free through some streaming player. Although Youtube TV is not available on some smart TV platforms, it is available on the Roku channel store. To watch youtube videos on Roku TV, you just have to add it as your streaming channel and access your channel list to enjoy unlimited web content and streaming videos on demand.

There can be multiple methods to watch YouTube Videos on Roku TV. One has been discussed below.

1. Accessing Roku Display on Your TV

Turn ON your TV: Quickly turn ON your TV by pressing the Power button on your TV or the remote control of your TV.

Start Roku display: Head to the Roku display and use the TV’s remote control to change the display to one of the displays your Roku is hooked up to, which is either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. Once you have set the Roku display on TV, you will see the Roku home screen.

2. Playing YouTube on Roku:

Navigate to channel store: Go to the Channel Store in the navigation menu present on the left of the screen. Press the left button on the TV remote control and access the menu and then the Channel Store, and press OK to access the Roku channels.

Browse channel category: After entering the Channel Store, a list of available channels with the Roku device will be shown. Scroll down the list of channels by pressing the down button on the remote control. Select the Most Popular Channel category and you will find Youtube here.

Select Youtube: Choose Youtube in the Most Popular Channel category or Top Free tab and press OK to see the channel description.

Add Youtube to Home screen: Now you will find an Add Channel button corresponding to the Youtube channel. Press OK to add it to the Home screen of your Roku TV. This action might take a minute to download, depending on your internet connection.

Activate your Roku Youtube account: After adding the YouTube channel, you have to sign in to the YouTube account link via Roku. A popup containing 8-digit code to activate your YouTube account will popup on the screen. 

You can either sign in to your account using a laptop or Smartphone and link your Roku with your YouTube account. On your computer, visit and enter the 8 digit code to activate the YouTube account on Roku. Now, you can successfully watch YouTube videos on Roku TV.

Pairing your device with Roku: If you want to be more comfortable while watching Youtube videos, you can pair up any of your digital devices with Roku. Once account activation is done, open in your smartphone, tablet or computer to pair it to your Roku device. 

This way you can control youtube video playback from your digital device. Alternatively, you can also scan the code using the QR code reader on your phone or tablet device on which you want to take video control.

3. Viewing YouTube on Roku TV:

Navigate back to the home screen: Press the Home button on your Remote control to see the home screen of Roku. The Youtube channel under the My Channels tab will be listed on the home screen.

Launch Youtube channel: Simply choose Youtube channel by pressing the right arrow on the remote until you highlight it, followed by pressing OK. Finally, YouTube will be launched on your TV screen and you can enjoy unlimited live streaming videos from Youtube.

Sign into Youtube TV: You can directly launch Youtube TV and sign into your account from a computer or smartphone. That's all it takes to watch youtube videos on Roku tv from the comfort of your couch.

Note: As soon as you connect your Roku device to a power source, it automatically goes ON. You don’t need to turn ON the Roku device explicitly.  While when it is not in use, it goes into a low power state for conserving energy.

Some Other Ways to Watch YouTube Videos

1.  As the Youtube channel is not available with the original Roku, so you can watch Youtube via another channel called Twonky which has to be installed on your phone and configured with your Roku account.

2. You can cast pre-downloaded Youtube videos on Roku via screen mirroring feature. This method is only supported in Android 4.4.2 or later and Windows 8.1 or higher.

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