What are Premium Subscriptions on the Roku Channels?

Hello Guys, Please let me know what are premium subscriptions on the Roku channels? I tried many times but failed So can anyone has any idea? Help me.

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Premium Subscriptions on the Roku Channels

The Roku channel allows you to watch more than 10,000 hit Hollywood movies, news, TV shows, sports, and that too for free and the user does not have to pay for any subscription. Neither is he or she required to make a purchase or buy any rentals. A viewer can watch these movies and shows with fewer ads than the one that are there in the traditional television broadcast. 

Additionally, Roku allows you to add premium subscription from a number of content partners such as EPIX, Starz, and SHOWTIME. Premium subscription on the Roku channels enables you to browse all the content that is available and get their free trials before signing up. 

You can sign up with just a single click and get subscription management for the entire monthly bill. After signing up, you can have access to the premium, live, and free content altogether. The Roku channel provides you a simple way through which you can browse, look for, and watch different kinds of contents that too without the need of changing between multiple channels.

Note:  Free content and add supported content is available on the Roku TV or the Roku streaming player in countries like Canada and The United States and your Samsung TV or the web browser in the United States. Roku channel’s premium subscription are only available in the United States but are not presently available on Samsung TV. To know about the premium subscription on the Roku channels, this is what you need to read. 

How to Know if Roku Channel has Premium Subscription?

To know if your Roku device provides premium subscriptions on the Roku channels. For that, it is important for you to know the device model. To obtain these details, you need to go to the home screen and select Settings, and then go to System and then finally about. 

Roku devices with the model number of 2450 and higher are going to support premium subscriptions on your Roku channel by playing the Roku channel. You can also see if you have access to the premium subscription on your Roku device by opening up the Roku channel after going to a row called browse premium subscriptions. 

Does Premium Subscription Allow You to Have Access to the Content Other Than the One on the Roku Channel?

No, the premium subscription does not enable you to have access to the content available through any other source except the Roku channel. You can view the premium subscription on the Roku channel’s content available by using:

  • Roku TV, Roku streaming stick, or streaming player

  • Online on the

  • The Roku mobile application for both Android phones and iPhones(Android support will be available from February 2019).  Also, you need to keep one thing in mind that the Roku support is not available on Samsung TVs presently. 

Can One Watch Premium Subscriptions from Present Partner Subscriptions?

Present subscription from services such as cable provider, Prime Video, Hulu, or the services received directly from the publisher does not allow you to see premium content on your Roku channel.

Can One Buy and Purchase Premium Subscription on the Roku Channel if one does not Have a Roku Device?

Yes, one can purchase the subscription using the smartphone or the computer system and then see it using the Roku mobile application or on the internet. When you will try to watch content online, then it will ask you to create a Roku free account.

How can One Get Premium Subscriptions in the Roku Mobile Application? 

It is not possible for one to directly sign up for the Roku subscription. Prior to watching partner content on the Roku mobile application, you first need to get a premium subscription by signing up. You can sign up either through your smartphone or your computer system by going to the  After that, you will be able to create a Roku free account. 

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