What Should I Do if I See Error Code 011 on Roku TV?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know what should I do if I see error code 011 on the Roku TV? I don't know how to see it. I tried many times but unable to see the error code. Help me.

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Should I Do if I See Error Code 011 on Roku TV

At the time of the setup process, your Roku device starts installing and downloading the most recent software. In the middle of the procedure, you may come across an error message stating “Cannot connect it to Roku”. If the error code 011 on Roku TV appears, then that means the software update is failed because your Roku could not connect to the Roku update server.

Things That One Can Do:

Step 1: Wait for some time and then click on try again. 

Step 2: Go to the Roku support website and check if you get any alerts that there are some alerts mentioning that the service is going through some kind of problems.

Step 3: In case the Roku does not detect any internet connection, then a message will pop up in front of you that will guide you through the process of connecting to the network again. In case you are having any issues connecting to the network, then check how you can resolve this problem. 

How to Solve Unable to Connect to the Network Problem?

Step 1: At the time of setting up your Roku player, you need to connect it to the home network connection. Similar to the way you connect a smartphone or computer system.  Just select the name of your wireless network and then you need to put in the password. 

Step 2: By following this step, you will be able to connect your Roku device to your home network. If you do so, then a connection is going to be established between your Router and Roku device. This way the router will be able to obtain access to the internet. Once this issue is solved, then the problem of error code 011 on Roku tv will not remain anymore. 

Step 3: In case your Roku device is not able to gain any access to the internet through the router, then you may experience interruptions while you are watching a movie or TV show. These are the cases where the network connection is lost after setting up the TV. 

How to Get Rid of Internet Connectivity Problems?

This is very important in order to get rid of the issue of error code 011 on Roku tv. So some of the solutions that you can use are:

  • Enter the Name of Your Wireless Network

If by chance you have the wrong name of the wireless network, then it is obviously going to lead to connectivity problems. So, check carefully and connect your Roku device to the right network name. 

  • Enter the Right Password

This problem may also arise because of entering the wrong password in the password field. You are trying again and again but it is not working. One can easily make a mistake while entering the password. One thing that you must not forget is that the passwords are case sensitive. Click on the shift button on your on-screen keyboard for entering a capital letter. This way you will enter the right password and you will be able to connect to the internet and error code 011 on the Roku tv problem will be resolved. 

  • Check Whether Your Router is Working in a Proper Manner or Not

Try to connect your computer system or mobile device to the network and check if the connection has been established or not by opening up a website on your phone or computer. In case a connection is not established, then you must try to restart your router. 

Once the internet connection problem is solved, then the error code 011 on the Roku tv problem will also get solved automatically. 

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