What To Do When Microsoft Outlook Won't Open?

Please let me know what to do when Microsoft Outlook won't open. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.

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Microsoft Outlook Won't Open:

The best solution for Microsoft Outlook not opening when you choose it from the Start menu, or a shortcut icon varies depending on your problem and the version of Microsoft Outlook you're running.

Reasons Why Microsoft Outlook Won't Open

Some problems could make the outlook open improperly or not at all. Common offenders include:

  • Problematic extensions or add-ons.
  • Damaged documents
  • A ruined profile
  • Difficulties with the navigation pane

There are other problems as well that may be a factor. Perhaps you've installed a new programme on your computer that doesn't play well with outlook, or your machine may have a virus. Whatever the exact problem, a few crucial troubleshooting steps can be helpful.

How to Solve Outlook with Windows Not Opening

Try following troubleshooting procedures in the sequence given here, spanning simple to more involved, if you're using outlook on even a Windows machine when outlook doesn't open or opens with issues.

Step 1: The issue could be brought on by a dispute between one or more add-ins and outlook. Try disabling every add-in to see if the problem gets fixed.

Step 2: Check your system for malware such as Trojans, spyware, or viruses. If an issue has been identified, fix it with your security programme, restart the computer, and afterwards attempt restarting outlook.

Step 3: Exchange Outlook. The Outlook programme could be malfunctioning. Just use the Microsoft Office repair tool already built in to fix it.

Step 4: Your Outlook profile needs repair. Missing Outlook profiles may result in various issues, including outlook, not opening.

Step 5: Fix the data files for outlook. Use the inbox Repair tool to identify and resolve the issue if outlook currently won't open.

The navigation pane reset outlook may not launch properly if the navigation pane has a startup problem.

How to Fix Outlook on Mac Not Opening

The troubleshooting methods listed below work for Mac for both Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2011.

For updates, check. A recent update could find an answer to the issue of outlook not starting. Although outlook won't open, search for and download any updates that are easily accessible.

Step 1: In Outlook, restore the database. It could fix Outlook not opening on a Mac by using the Microsoft tool to restore a broken database.

Step 2: Close all Office programmes.

Step 3: To launch the Microsoft Database Utility, press the Option key while choosing the Outlook icon in the Dock.

Step 4: Choose a database whose identity you want to rebuild.

Step 5: Select rebuild.

Step 6: Restart Outlook after the procedure is finished.

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